Eclectic Me
Eclectic Me

And she is the reader
who browses the shelf
and looks for new words
but finds herself.
– Laura Purdie Salas, BookSpeak!: Poems about Books.

Dream Reader –

You are more than one person, you are every person. Like my eclectic little collection of books in my image, you will find a bubbling mixture here and you may be interested in all of them, or one of them. I’m a scientist, who travels often, and carries a camera to capture the world, so that’s where my inspiration is derived. You will always find photography here, no matter what, I promise.

Which reader are you today?

– do you want to be inspired by photography and share your photos, skills and ideas with like-minded people?

– are you travelling somewhere and interested in anecdotes or tips about flights, hotels, restaurants?

– are you a science fan, and wanting to connect with some other cool science people?

– are you human, craving interaction with someone who will always respond and strike up a conversation?

These are some of the things that you, dear reader, will find here. Please stay a while, have a chat and make some new friends.

Which reader are you today?

x desleyjane

What to Read?
What to Read?
Posted by:desleyjane

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63 replies on “Hey Dream Reader!

  1. Mmmm … I’m not sure what kind of reader I am today … at the moment my stomach is in knots, not sure why, with the most awful soul consuming feeling of restlessness !! loved your post 🙂 x ❤


      1. 🙂 just made myself a cuppa x I think I need to take a good look at my life, give myself a good swift kick and get to grips with living ! Lots of things running through my mind, lots of unwelcomed things to deal with, and not having a clue how or where to start … x Oh and blogging was an idea I had to help me get things out of my head, a possibility of getting to grips with my life and situation and possibly to help me start living my life before it’s passed me by lol x I think the restlessness is my fight or flight kicking in … I think I just want to flee … x

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        1. Oh you poor thing. It can be completely overwhelming. I had a similar feeling last year when a chunk of my world crumbled. Thankfully, I had a short break away planned, so my gorgeous friends took me in and we made it a slightly longer break. Actually, I realise now that I DID kinda flee – oops ☺️ But still, I wasn’t blogging then, and I am so happy to be here, meeting lovely people from all around the world. Maybe, simplify it a little and find one thing that you can complete or sort out or remove, create a little space in your mind for just you. Your people in your life need YOU to be there, so take care of YOU.
          Phew, maybe another cuppa now? xox

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  2. This is an original idea for a post. Why didn’t I think of that before? 🙂 Anyway, back to the point. I’m a reader who is always alert for a picture or text to inspire me in my photography work or my life.

    Meeting people from other parts of the world and exchange ideas, and what have you, is always an open door for me.

    In you, I have found fertile ground. Thank you for sharing.



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  3. I’m #1 and #4 for the most part, but I think anyone who is a #4 would also, on some level, be interested in all the other stuff. 🙂

    With Photography 101 I made a point of not looking at other blogs until I did my assignment because I didn’t want anything I saw influence my photos. I may have to take the same approach with Blogging 101. I really like how you approached it. So much so, I don’t know how I’m going to do it without copying your style. I just made this harder for myself. lol

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    1. Oh just go for it, no worries about copying here 😀
      This blogging101 seems more overwhelming than photo102, I guess because there are so many varied topics and interests. With photo101, everyone was there for photography. I have followed a number of new blogs here mostly because of the immediate and warm interactions.
      Oh and #1 and #4 – you’re the first response with that combination!


      1. It’s 4:40 pm here. I don’t think I’m going to start today’s assignment until tomorrow or the next day. I’m totally burned out from a hard day at work. I’ve used up all my creativity for the day. My brain isn’t working anymore. Maybe I’ll be able to have an original thought about the assignment by morning.

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        1. Good plan, time to relax and recharge the brain. These assignments seem tougher to me than the photography ones – or at least, they make me think more and I take much longer to do them. It’s only 6:40am here and I need a second coffee, badly 😉


          1. I wouldn’t say that I find the assignments tougher. I’m just less excited about doing them. I’m not sure why that is. Go grab that second cup of coffee. I’m going to grab some lemon and ginger tea. 🙂

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  4. Great post, I’m all that, but a “science” fan. Perhaps you can enlighten me on some of your science postings. Another idea, would love you to post on photography too, you seem to have a good handle on it. 🙂

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  5. I love the quote you’ve used at the start of the post, I’ve done this on several of my previous posts to try and capture the feel of the post. Happy blogging.


  6. I’ve read your comments on my blog, I’m glad to be able to know like-minded people such as you! I am reader number 1, and 3. Though I’m a student and suck at everything. Greetings from Singapore 🙂

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          1. Hey! Half a day is more than I’d love to have! 30 minutes would even be gold. This week has been tough. I have a baby burr in the house.
            Hopefully the tech people can add more to the bit that I saw. I was searching around for some help with the new notifications and came across your post by accident!

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              1. Ha ha ha! Well, have you ever had a bur (would help if I spelled it right!) stuck to your socks when you were hiking? Well, that’s my baby right now. Glued to mama like velcro. 😀
                Oh no! Are you still getting people saying your comments are spam? I’ve been checking almost every day and before I delete anything and haven’t noticed anything since.

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                1. LOL – that’s what I thought you meant, but didn’t put it together. That’s funny 🙂
                  Yes, a spam comment every few days, at least they’re the ones people are finding!


                  1. Still? That’s terrible! I will keep an eye on my spam folder.
                    Yes! The baby bur is still going strong. We hope it’s a phase that doesn’t last long. We’ve been sad at some of the forced changes in our routine due to insisting on being glued to me and screaming around dad. 😦 And the change literally happened overnight! We have no idea what the trigger was.

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