Dispersed D
Dispersed D

I’ve already written a post today, but I wanted to come back to Lucile’s Rehab Clinic (thank goodness). Please visit the link to learn more and to see some great photos from a group of very talented individuals. Please also join in if you want!

Today’s photo is from my recent visit to the Queensland Art Gallery. This exhibit is Fiona Foley’s sculpture, Dispersed, which is in tribute to the Aboriginal people who were driven from the land. The sculpture is made from charred wood and metal and the letter D is made from bullet casings of the same type of bullet from the guns used in the raids. You can read more about it here. It is certainly a striking sculpture and I spend a bit of time there, just looking at it, before getting some pictures. I find the use of the bullet casings to be very effective.

All images were taken handheld with my Olympus OMD EM5, with M. Zuiko 17mm lens at f/2.5, 1/30s and ISO200.

Thank you Lucile, I feel better knowing the clinic is there for us.

x desleyjane

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27 replies on “Rehab, Dispersed

            1. Wow that’s a long list. We share a lot of the same favourites. Is LOST at the top of your TV list because it’s your favourite? I LOVE that show, just started watching it from the beginning again…


      1. No, the list is just random. I find that it’s impossible to rate movies and series if you compare them to each other: “Which one is better? Requiem for a dream or Gran Torino and where should ‘Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind’ be placed compared to these two?
        It’s impossible to say, because they’re all good movies that tell different stories and has a different feel to them.

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  1. Welcome back! It’s great to have you as a patient at the Rehab!
    This installation is incredibly beautiful.I read the info on the link as well and think that the usage of the bullet casings made it even more powerful. Knowing the history behind makes it more special. And you shots are brilliant. Funny enough when I saw the first before reading, I thought that it looked like bullets, but hey, it isn’t. I was in guessing game mood. lol
    The frontal and sideways compositions are equally powerful Well done, ma’am.

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    1. Thank you my dear, it is so good to be back!
      It was quite a powerful thing just to look at this piece. I on,y went into the gallery on a whim – I could go around it or through it, but it was so hot, I chose the shelter of air conditioning. I’m so glad I did – for this and the video tape installation that I showed in the Changing Seasons gallery. X


  2. Wow what a powerful exhibit that really is I love things like that and only today I read about how albino aboriginals are being killed to be used within witchcraft rituals claiming albino parts make them more powerful. So awful x

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      1. I was fooling around with PicMonkey and managed to get text on my last post on (Puerto Rico). I did try that link you sent me, but perhaps I didn’t have that particular version, so I wasn’t able to access it. Thanks for checking though.

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          1. Thanks Desley, I’ll definitely give that a try too. I’m now going to try to get my recipes divided into sub-categories under the header, not sure how easy that is, but I’ll give it a shot. I’m totally overwhelmed with the 101 Blogging, so I choose to do some things and not others.


              1. But you seem pretty ahead of yourself in terms of assigning yourself tasks on Blogging 101 – I have fallen behind, but like I said just choose what I want out of it. Today’s topic on widgets is something I’m definitely interested in.

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                1. I like to tinker, so I did a lot of playing about when I first set up my blog in October. It’s also a great procrastinating tactic, when I know I should be writing a post 😉


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