No Way Out

And between the walls lies desperation.

For the Black and White Challenge, as nominated by @nty6x at Passionately Curious, I must post one b&w photo per day for 5 days and nominate someone each day. Since many of you participated last time, I want to throw this open to anyone who wants to join in. Taking photos in black and white is fun and another way to hone your skills. When you remove colour from the equation, it’s easier to see textures and grains and light and dark. I can get lost for hours in black and white.

Also, for Lucile’s photo101 rehab, this photo was taken with my Olympus OMD EM5 with my new 45mm f1.8 lens. I went out with just this lens to see what happened – another way to learn about composition, just use one lens or one focal length and you have to physically move yourself and your camera to get the shot. Doing this opens you up to seeing the setting from a different vantage point.

Sorry I have been a bit absent this week, it has been epic at work and at play. I have some cool pictures of both of those to show you soon!

x desleyjane


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  1. nty6x says:

    Strange but i think your blog might be acting up. This post only appeared even though it says this was posted a while ago. Thanks for participating again 🙂

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    1. desleyjane says:

      Yes! I couldn’t find it under any tags after I posted it. Thanks for letting me know.

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  2. nty6x says:

    And very nice parallel lines. The textures makes the photo shout out loud – out of bounds!

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  3. Andy Townend says:

    Excellent photo, love the wire…

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    1. desleyjane says:

      Thank you Andy …


  4. The photo does make you feel trap. well another challenge! Your B&W are pretty impressive.

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    1. desleyjane says:

      Oh thank you! Do you want to try the challenge?

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      1. Don`t you have to sign up? Thanks for suggesting it!

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  5. oooh it looks a bit scary this, wouldn’t want to be trapped there, great photox

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