Guess - Protection

The lovely Justine at Eclectic Odds N Sods started us on another guessing game recently, where we had to post an image with the idea of Protective/Protection and have you try to guess what the image is.

We had some great guesses:

Justine suggested something zippered, she even roped her son in to help, he suggested a pan from the kitchen. She then tried another tactic and thought about my life, so she suggested a suitcase… Lia also suggested that it might be a suitcase (you guys know me so well). Very inventive, but not correct 😉

Trablog suggested plastic covering on a cushion… Plastic covering is warm!

Mara gave my favourite guess – a gutted out washing machine. I love this but it’s not it either.

Norm gave another favourite guess – the back of a Mac computer (I love my Mac).

Andy also thought about my life and suggested something out of a lab (sorry no) or foil trays for the BBQ – the foil is warm!

Quilt Musings also recognised metal and plastic, suggesting an iPad cover sitting on an airport table.

anujakokrady suggested plastic coverings as well – getting warm!

So, the big reveal is here:

Protection Revealed.
Protection Revealed.

It is Gidget’s flea and tick treatment in it’s packaging! Very protective against fleas and ticks 🙂

I really thought this was too easy, I think it’s amazing how our eyes, once we’ve seen something, cannot un-see it.

x desleyjane

Posted by:desleyjane

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25 replies on “Eclectic Guessing Reveal

  1. OMG you thought that was easy? lolol….wow, talk about super macro, i had to keep flicking back and forth, i think next guessing game I do, you have to come with a warning lmao..omg that was soooo hard but excellent, bravissimo and very very clever, as I would expect from you haha…wonderful, thank you I still need to do my reveal hehe x

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