Just a quick post tonight. Thank you everyone for your well wishes. I feel a bit silly for being a sap last night, but also very loved reading all your comments.  I think I have a little bug, and today my voice is fading a little, much to my friends’ amusement.

I like these colour / monochrome comparisons, so today I’m giving you a very simple photograph but I found it quite striking. It was taken the same day as my Angry Bird photo. I was experimenting with my new 45mm f/1.8 lens (90mm equivalent) down at the local train tracks.

These are two different photos, taken closely together, both taken handheld, f/18, 1/800s at ISO640. I have this infuriating habit of forgetting to check ISO before heading outside. I’ve been doing a lot of indoor shoots lately and needed a higher ISO to cope with the lower light, but the train track shots were in bright Queensland sunlight, so I should have dialled it back to 200. I must start wearing a rubber band around my wrist as a reminder 🙂  Do you have any funny ways of reminding yourself of anything?

So take a look – colour or monochrome?

This is my submission for the Photo101 Rehab Clinic. If you want to join (it’s great therapy), please head over to my dear Lucile’s blog for all the details.

x desleyjane

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33 replies on “Colour No Colour

  1. I also like the black and white one, it’s very moody! It might be because I’m working on a black and white photo for the clinic as well, keep an eye out for it later. Hope all is well. D

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  2. I like the monochrome image best. Barbed wire has such dark connotations (what or who is being held caged behind it?) and the black and white heightens this sense. I also like the composition of the image better – the way the coils fill the image works much better for me. 🙂

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  3. I think both shots here are great but they convey two different scenes in my opinion…the black and white seems from a time gone by and more melancholy whereas the color version gives a more modern feel and the bright blue sky gives a sense of hope…
    Love them both!

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  4. I like the monochrome too, stark reminders of the past and Auschwitz. HAve you ever watched The Boy with the Striped Pajamas? I tend to take leave the ISO higher these days as I’m taking a lot of indoor shots. How does one remember to change the F.stop though? I’m still experimenting with that.


    1. Thanks Loretta. No I haven’t seen it yet but I want to! The f stop is my favourite setting. It’s what I almost always change first because it is what will give me everything in focus (high number) or a lovely blurry background (low number). Then I change the others to suit. I would recommend a getting know the basics course where they take you out for practical work, it taught me so much! I think it was $100 for 3 hours maybe…. Well worth it.


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