Today, I’m bringing a cheeky little cocktail to Justine’s Tea Time #5. If you haven’t been to Justine’s Tea Time before, come along, see what you might find πŸ˜‰

Before my birthday cocktail party last year, my friend and I went out to taste-test some cocktails, as you do πŸ™‚

I had been introduced to Sloe Gin previously, so after trying a few cocktails, I asked the bartender to make me something with Sloe Gin, something not too sweet, with some lime. What he served us had no name, but it was exquisite – so good. So, we had to come up with a name, my friend suggested a Sloe-Aged Tart, but I overruled and went with a Sloe-Aged Flirt instead.

It’s very simple:

Mix two parts Sloe Gin with oneΒ part Lychee liqueur and top up with cranberry juice.

Add a splash of lime juice and shake over ice.

Enjoy! (Note that my bartender added a dried star anise to the top of my drink, so it smelled divine!).

It really is a delicious drink πŸ™‚

Some background on Sloe Gin. It’s actually a liqueur made from gin and sloe (blackthorn) berries. It’s usually made by soaking the berries in gin with some sugar. The flavour is very unusual, but delicious. You can find more information here. A Sloe Gin Fizz is also yummy.

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48 replies on “Sloe Aged Flirt

  1. I vote for Happy Hour Event. Justine’s Tea Time is eclectic, just as she (and us) like. Everyone is welcome as they like. You bring booze, and so does Andy, and I am a coffee drinker today.
    This drink look deli and your photo is encouraging me to give it a try! Pity that is only lunch time, as I am not in France (as they don’t bother to have alcohol at lunch time) and I am heading to another meeting in 30 min.
    The name of the drink is perfect and the model has beautiful flirting looks.
    Cheers to you and good night!

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  2. Does Justine’s tea time permit cocktails such as these? :)). Actually it sounds awesome, not sure I’ve heard of sloe gin though – but my fave drink in the summer time is def gin n’ tonic. πŸ™‚

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  3. Now you totally hit the nail on the head with this one, because I utterly adore sloe gin and it brings back wonderful memories for me too. Imagine this, out in Great Windsor Park, perhaps you might see the Queen go past in her car or not, the majestic trees just climbing out of the mist and the cold breeze whipping past your face. All the horses stop panting after having had a good canter, your face is now freezing but your out of breath almost, eyes watering but exhilirated. The escort (who leads the hack), she stops and says “sloe gin time?” we all nod as she gets out her flask, we all drink a ravenous slug to warm our cockles so to speak before we continue our hack in the park. Oh and sometimes this was at tea time time lol, oh the memories, thank you x

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    1. Oh how delightful! I can absolutely imagine being there, I experienced that feeling in New Zealand after playing in the snow, frozen face, watering eyes, but utterly exhilarated! And we did have a lovely neat drink before jumping into the spa outside while tiny snowflakes fell. Gorgeous. And now you’ve brought me a lovely memory too xox.

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