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Another post for Lucile’s Rehab Clinic over at bridging lacunas. If you want to join a supportive community of photography enthusiasts who like to share their images and a little technique, please come on over!

This is a weed in my garden, we’ve sprayed it but it’s pretty resilient, so I decided to play with my depth of field a little, using a wide aperture (low aperture number e.g. f/1.8 – f/4) to blur out the background. It’s important to keep the camera lens parallel to the subject, rather than tilted to an angle – this makes sure that more parts of the subject are at the same distance from the lens and therefore in focus.

There are some weeds that I find gorgeous. Like Lantana for example. I love Lantana, in Adelaide they grow it in garden beds. At home, on the cane farm, it was a pest because it grows quickly and chokes out the sugar cane. Do you have a garden pest that you secretly find attractive?? 😉

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30 replies on “A Touch of Yellow

  1. Another pretty name, Lantana! This definitely doesn’t look like a garden pest! Your photos are lovely:)
    I used to think dandelions were flowers as a kid and I’d pick them and put them in a vase. My dad told me they were just weeds and choked the grass… I was sad to learn that! And then when they’d go to seed, I’d love to blow them into the air… Dad again would remind me that this pollinated the seeds across his lawn! Yipes!! Oops….but they’re still pretty in my opinion 🙂

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    1. Exactly, still pretty even though they’re trouble. I know some people like that 😉😉
      Sorry, I misled you a little, I’m not sure what this particular weed is. Lantana is a different weed and much much prettier, I’ll post one of those next time. Thank you!!

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  2. Funny thing that you mention Lantana today. Yesterday up at Tamborine I saw a lovely flower and commented and my friend said that’s a noxious weed, I had no idea but thought the flower quite pretty……

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