For this week’s photo challenge, Scale, I immediately thought of my photo taken from King’s Park in Perth, of the construction of the new conference centre. It is now complete, but I love the effect created here using th “Diorama” art filter on my Olympus OMD EM5. This mimics the effect you would see using a tilt-shift lens and creates the illusion of a miniaturised scene.

You can see more cool photos at the challenge site, and also at Lucile’s Photo101 Rehab Clinic – please join in the fun!

x desleyjane



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30 replies on “Toytown

  1. Ooh! I like this. I have a miniature filter on my camera, but I only tried it once. I was sitting on my bed taking photos of the walls. I guess that’s why I couldn’t see the effect. lol Now I have to go look for a streetscape or something to properly try it out.

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