This is not quite symmetrical, but kinda close. I took this at the beach in Lorne, Victoria, where we are at a very long conference. Photo was taken with my iPhone6 and I added the Clarity filter in Camera+.

I have been so busy with this conference, I’ve only had a short amount of time to go out and about with my iPhone occasionally, not much camera time and very little blogging time.

Submitted for Weekly Photo Challenge : Symmetry

x desleyjane

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28 replies on “Symmetry yrtemmyS

  1. I like the sea in the background. It attracts me. Iimagine this as my last walk from life into another sphere, where stones start blossoming. Poetic shot.
    Last fourteen days I’ve been in Adelaide. Do you know the city and the region? Now I’m back in freezing Munich.

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    1. Hi Marius! I haven’t heard from you in ages! How are you? Freezing in Munich! Well it’s delightful here, some 22 degrees C.
      Yes I know Adelaide very well, I love the Clare Valley and am looking forward to spending some time in the Barossa next year. Did you enjoy your two weeks there?


      1. I visited some family members. Barossa, Clare McLaren and the fabulous Adelaide Hills. Pike&Joyce is a wonderful winery with a view like in the french massif central. And they serve marvelous food. If you like cheese try cheesemaker Udders Delight in the Hills. It’s worth every bite.

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  2. I wish I were there. So gorgeous. Who cares about perfect symmetry? It has been an achievement to keep the photographer in a symmetric state throughout a 10-days conference…agree? lol xxx


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