I’m again joining Justine’s Tea Party and bringing one of my favourite coffees – the affogato. This delicious little concoction is a scoop (or 2) of ice cream with a shot (or 2) of hot espresso. Affogato is Italian for drowned, so let’s drown our ice cream in coffee – yum! Don’t forget to use delicious vanilla bean ice cream. Or butterscotch, mmmnnnnnnn. 

This is a lunchtime affogato, but I especially like the nighttime one, which includes a shot (or 3) of liqueur – Bailey’s, Tia Maria, Frangelico, Ameretto, even Bourbon or Rum!!

If you’re wondering about the minion in the photo with my affogato, that’s Lucy. If you followed me on Instagram recently, you would have seen Lucy accompanying me on my travels. 

x desleyjane 

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30 replies on “Tea (Coffee) Party

  1. I just love this, I have never heard of that coffee but I seriously want it, you seem to know all the best things. Lucy is so cute i think it is adoreable you have this little minion to accompany you and photo bomb your pics lol. I am surprise however that Gidget has not tried to eat her? Thank you for coming to tea, maybe I have the night time version of this please? x

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  2. Yum…looks delicious and you also certified it as delicious. I’ll go for the lunch version!
    Poor Lucy! Maybe Gidget had her for breakfast and totally affogatta!
    Keep us posted!
    And wow, Teddy is far away and will not stand a chance vis-a-via Dave! He’s much closer!

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    1. Heheheh. Thanks lovely. Yes I’m on the search for Lucy today. She was such a constant companion at the conference, but a bit of a floozy. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ran off. Gidget doesn’t look particularly guilty, hmmmmnnn its a mystery…. X


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