My submission for this week’s photo challenge – Orange.

I love these gallery challenges, it’s fun to go through and find photos that are unrelated except by their hue. These include photos taken with my Olympus OMD EM5 (they’re the watermarked photos). Interspersed are also a bunch of iPhone snaps. Some of these I’ve posted before for other challenges or musings. I hope you enjoy them.



x desleyjane



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32 replies on “Orange is the New Challenge

  1. I am in the final stages of purchasing my first speelite with a pair of Yong Nuo transceivers. To modify the color of the strobe’s light, I’ve included a kit of CTO (color temperature orange) gel. Your picture reminded me of this visual photographic effect—painting light with green and orange. It was love at first sight. I enjoy your work so much. Enough is certainly not enough!



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    1. Oh fantastic, I can’t wait to see the results of your speed light experimentation. Ah the musicians were lit by an orange light at the venue so most of the pictures were like this. I did convert some to black and white as well. Perhaps I should post them… Thanks so much Omar, your comments always cheer me.


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