Lightning Glow.
Lightning Glow.

I was in Sydney for work last week and one night, it was almost 7 before I got back from work, so did some googling and found a great spot to see the city, the bridge and even the Opera House. The light was fading and a storm was rolling in, so it was quite dark. My photos are taken with ISO640 so there’s a little grain, and also I’ve used a slow shutter speed and I was handheld, so not super-sharp. Regardless, I really enjoyed spending almost 90 minutes at this location, experiencing the storm. A couple of photos were taken during lightning strikes that happened behind me and lit the sky with a violet light – amazing to see. My feature image above is one of those lightning glow shots and it was one of the last photos taken, so quite dark. Also, the last image in my gallery is from a lightning glow towards the end of the night.


Here are a couple ofΒ black and white shots, ’cause you know I love them:

Finally, on Friday night, I had a very late flight, so I headed to another location on the opposite side of the harbour and got a few shots before it started pouring rain:

I hope you enjoy these little galleries. I took some 250 photos over the course of these two shoots (including a number of bursts to get the lightning shots) and ended up processing 50. I am adding these to Lucile’s Photo101 Rehab Clinic, come and visit!

x desleyjane


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51 replies on “Sydneyside

    1. Thanks Kaz! It was superb location. It’s the Larkin Street Lookout in Waverton. I don’t know why it wasn’t swamped with people, it was a fantastic spot. And when the clouds rolled in and the Lightning started?? Spectacular! I was giggling….


      1. I think you’ve found the perfect location (thanks for sharing) and I wouldn’t mind going down to that jetty either… Ill check it out next visit to Sydney. well done Desley I really liked your lightning shots as well and so far I haven’t had those on my dance card yet! πŸ™‚

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        1. Thanks Kaz! I think I will pack my tripod next time! It’s a work trip, so I didn’t think to bring it, it was a spur of the moment serendipitous kinda decision to even go to that spot. Thank you Internet!!


  1. These photos are awesome, Desley. I especially like the one you have chosen as the main shot. As soon as I saw it I thought the lighting was amazing, and then to read that the lighting was actually lightning was even more Wow! You really captured the beauty of the storm and the city.

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  2. DJ, these are spectacular photos. It was a great discovery and you made a breathtaking gallery.
    Stormy weather ends up giving opportunities for dramatically beautiful shots and you didn’t miss a bit, framing the storm like a master. You’re definitely a pro.
    Proud of you my friend.
    This purple color is wow.
    You can start selling photos online!


    1. Oh wow, thank you. Mother Nature is an amazing creature. I love storms, I didn’t know there was one coming, was quite surprised when the thunder started but just stayed there and (literally) soaked it up. LOL.
      Thanks again xxx.

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