Looking Sideways.
Looking Sideways.

These are photos of the ceiling of an elevator in a hotel in Perth. I find the geometry in these photos quite fascinating. I find it interesting how much money is spent on the inside of elevators. They are just a small container to transport people for less than one minute, and yet some of them have such intricate and expensive designs. Is is just me, or could that money might be better spent elsewhere?

Looking up.
Looking up.

I am submitting these two photos to Lucile’s Photo101 Rehab Clinic – they were taken with my iPhone and edited in the Photos app.

x desleyjane

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24 replies on “Looking Sideways, Looking Up

  1. I tend to agree with Jussie. Some people just panic when inside one of these, and this is perhaps a way to distract them? But it def doesn’t need to go over the top. Agree.
    Great shot, btw. lol


      1. Not surprised about this as well as about ‘infollows’ without our action. I started checking comments by reading them in the post when I noticed some I had never received a notification from.
        Bermudas triangle of WP!
        Don’t worry, hun. Xx

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  2. He he he! I love that you noticed this sort of thing because it sounds like me. 😀 And as for spending money, go for it. I like a classy elevator or one that’s at least interesting. Getting inside a grotty old one that looks like it could stop working any second with the help button bashed out or better yet, a phone number to call if it stops working (coming from me who doesn’t carry a cell phone) is not on the top of my list. 😀

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