Beer Pop.
Beer Pop.


For Justine’s Eclectic Teatime #8, I am bringing along a different kind of deliciousness. She did warn you that it can get a bit wild!

I met with a friend for a drink before dinner in a little bar in Glebe (Sydney) sometime last year. We tried a local beer and it was served with a big bowl of spiced popcorn. The bar was small and loud, in a good way. Laughter, good music, big old couches and vintage furnishings. The beer and popcorn in this photo are resting on an old suitcase, serving as a table.

I took this photo with my iPhone6 and edited it in the Camera+ app.

Please come along and visit Justine’s corner of the world and enjoy some varied takes on teatime fun  🙂

x desleyjane

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18 replies on “Tea(?!) for Two

  1. Were it not so terribly inconvenient to fly from Eastern Europe to Australia for the sake of a drink, I’d go to this bar the first thing tomorrow… (Or yesterday? I’m not sure how the time zones work here 😮 )


  2. Oooh I like The sound of this bar and spiced popcorn? I wonder what they used: I love vintage furnishings. I might have been tempted to take the table away with me hehe ☺️☺️☺️

    Thank you for coming to Tea this drink will be right up the hardcore drinkers alley and we all know who they are! Grinzz

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          1. Lived in an apartment on Distillery Drive on Level 16 so had great view of Anzac Bridge, out to the Blue Mountains and across to Northern Sydney. Also had a “proxy” view of the coathanger through reflection on a building opposite. Fish market was five minutes walk away…happy days.

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