2015_Arterial Canopy-1

Blood vessels spreading
carrying life-giving blood?
No, it’s just a tree.


It seems I’m quite obsessed with creating silly haikus….


This photo was taken at King’s Park in Perth. I was on an evening photo walk with a group of photography enthusiasts, wandering about the park and learning new techniques. Photo Walks are a great way to see a new city, to meet other photography enthusiasts, and learn some new things. I had planned to go on one in each city when I’m travelling but they dates don’t always match up. I’ve managed to make it to a couple, but if it doesn’t coincide with my visit, I at least try to go out on my own for a couple of hours and take some photos, see the city.

Anyway, I thought this photo would fit nicely with Lucile’s Photo 101 Rehab & Perelin Colours Tech of the Month partnership feature. This month is all about POV, or point of view, and how your photos can be dramatically improved or completely changed by just changing your position when you take the photograph. If you check out the post linked just above in this paragraph, you can see some great photos taken from some creative points of view.

For my photo, it was late at night, about 9pm and very dark. We were waiting for the group to catch up to us and I was cleaning my lens when I just happened to look up. I was intrigued by the network of branches in the tree above so I decided to shoot this view, lying on my back and pointing the camera straight up. I was using my trusty Olympus OMD EM5 camera, with the 17mm prime lens (35mm equivalent) and the only prime lens I owned at the time. As I said, it was very dark so I shot wide open at f1.8 and ISO1600 (!!). Also, I needed to use a very slow shutter speed (half a second)  to get this handheld shot.

x desleyjane


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34 replies on “Arterial Canopy

  1. Hi DJ, how wonderful to learn that you join these groups. It’s a super fresh idea.
    The haiku obsession is fabulous, keep bringing them because you can, girl!
    And this photo? It’s absolutely a great shot. It’s like an arterial canopy!
    And thanks for contributing to the Tech of the Month and for being such a diligent patient of the Photo Rehab! You rock!


    1. Hey hun, your comment here was in my SPAM folder – eek!!!
      Thanks for your comment 🙂 You know me, I love being super fresh 🙂
      Thanks again hun, you rock too!!


  2. I’m amazed how sharp the photograph looks even though it was taken a relatively slow shutter speed. Steady, steady she goes.

    The visual effect of the shot is mesmerizing. Thank you for sharing.



    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wowwwwww…I love your haiku and the photo is incredible! Indeed looks like veins. You should use this and your alien plant photos for a Halloween post! Mysterious: )

    Liked by 1 person

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