For the Weekly Photo Challenge – Afloat.

I just had to include the shots from the plane, many of you know how I love to take photos from the airplane window – I have so many of them! The clouds seem to just float along as the plane floats past them, such a surreal experience every time.

The water puddles on the tiles – I read the prompt this morning while drinking my first coffee and I immediately thought of the plants floating on the water. I put the sprinklers on to water the lawn since it was quite dry and I was doing my dishes, surveying my back garden, I noticed that the tap had started to leak and these puddles had started to form on the sandstone tiles. The treatment on the tiles caused the water to puddle and I think it looks like the water is floating…

x desleyjane

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30 replies on “Afloat, Above and Below

  1. I love to look out the airplane window – especially at the earth and its wonderful patterns, but the clouds are always amazing too – like floating on a sea of marshmallows!
    I especially like the water lily photos, and the puddles of water do look like they are floating.


    1. I love clouds, I take soooo many photos out of planes! Thanks for your comment on the floating plant, it’s my favourite. I can’t figure out how to reply on a comment on individual photos!!


  2. The puddles on the sandstone tiles are just gorgeous with the reflecting clouds above. You’ve captured some amazing shots from the airplane. I too enjoy looking out and love to see how roads connect, some of them seem just endless from up above, it is something I’m always intrigued by. Beautiful photography as usual Desley.

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