I went on a cruise to New Zealand in 2011 and the person I was sharing with was a very loud and constant snorer, although completely lacking any rhythm at all.

As we docked into Auckland, I escaped to our balcony (thank goodness we had one) at about 4am with my iPod and my camera and captured these shots.


Needless to say, my first order of business in Auckland was to find a shop which sold earplugs. These photos are for the Weekly Photo Challenge – Early Bird.

As an aside, I feel quite similar today. I’m staying at a quaint little hotel in Cambridge, UK and at 3:30 this morning, the fire alarm went off right above my head, scared me to death. You know how you shoot straight up out of bed, heart racing?! It stopped quite soon but just as I was starting to relax it went off 2 more times. I debated what to do so phoned reception who told me that they were trying to work out what was going on but don’t bother coming down. I heard my neighbours going down the stairs and coming back up again so assumed it was ok. There were a total of 7 alarms between 3:30 and 5:30 so no sleep!!!

I hope you had a more successful night than me!

x desleyjane


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24 replies on “Auckland Sunrise

  1. The thing with the fire alarm happened to me when I was in the US for an interview. I was completely confused when it started and blamed the hair dryer at first. It was not a fire but a broken water pipe but we were made to stand outside for over an hour. And of course, I couldn’t sleep any more afterwards. By the time they picked me up for a day-long interview, I was already awake since 8 hours. Needless to say, I did not get the job.

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    1. Oh no! You poor thing. That sounds awful. At least I could stay in my room. This happened yesterday so we were awake from 3:30am. Then last night we left work for a tour of Cambridge and a dinner and didn’t get back til 10:30pm. We were all exhausted.

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  2. Poor you! In both counts. The snorer and the fire alarm. The photos are stunning though.
    Where are the night photos in Cambridge! LOL. Kidding you!
    I have had the same situation three times in hotels. Twice in the US and once in Europe. To wake up in the middle of the night and run downstairs, leaving all your belongings behind, it is a horrible feeling. In one of these occasions I grabbed my laptop and had to endure the horrified faces of the people around me. I had not backed up my computer in two weeks! Lesson learned. And fortunately was a false alarm in all occasions.

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    1. Cambridge night photos. Hmmmnnn, I didn’t get a chance except for a few snaps with my iPhone. We had to carry all of our stuff with us including laptops, bags, coats, etc. And once I found the champagne I didn’t go outside again LOL. Maybe tonight…
      LOL I can just imagine those faces when you took your laptop. I would probably do the same. At least my iPhone and iPad!!!!


        1. Aw thanks CG. That’s so nice to hear. I’m so used to people on FB telling me that my camera takes great photos. It’s no wonder I don’t go there very often anymore! Little do they know I usually just post iPhone photos on FB LOL.

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  3. Ha! I took the first Ferry into Auckland from Gulf Harbor this morning to try to get my Early Bird shots but unfortunately I was not treated to the same sunrise :-(. Looks like I will be waking up early again tomorrow to try to get another Early Bird shot. Nice to see my current backyard through your lens 🙂

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