Just a quick post to say that I’m still alive. I was travelling for the last two weeks – I went to Cambridge (UK) for work for a little over a week, then London on the weekend and Amsterdam for a couple of days. London and Amsterdam were short holidays and I had a fabulous time, so I will post some photos from those two trips shortly.

The above photo I am adding to Lucile’s Photo101 Rehab Clinic. I took this photo with my iPhone6 inside the plane as we were leaving Dubai. This gentleman looks like I felt at the time – weary of the long haul flights, and still with another 8 hours to go… I edited it simply by converting to black and white. I took a similar photo of myself on the flight from Heathrow to Amsterdam – I’ve added it underΒ my signoff below. To me, this selfie really sums up my life as a frequent flyer πŸ˜‰

Sorry for being absent for so long. I arrived home yesterday at about 11am and had two naps during the afternoon and evening (two hours each). It’s now 5:30am and I’ve been awake since 10pm.

Gotta love jet lag!

x desleyjane



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34 replies on “The Long Haul

      1. We’ve had nothing but rain here for the last week also. Even woke to a fresh smattering of snow on the mountains this morning. Dang, just when I thought it was safe to finally put my petunias outside, lol! πŸ˜‰

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  1. In fact, I was wondering how you were doing πŸ™‚ I’m glad all is well but I can imagine it’s rough after long flights and jet lag… Your two black and white pics are perfect!
    Welcome home !

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  2. Wow, beautiful photos! And a slightly scary travel story – not because of its quality but rather because of the sheer quantity of time you had to spent on the plane. On a happier note, it looks like you had great fun on your tip, and I can’t wait to see more pictures, on Instagram or here πŸ˜‰

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    1. LOL. Yes it was long, but that’s how it is when you live in Australia. Actually it was even longer because of delayed flights, missed flights and a different route. But, I’m home, safe and sound, and my luggage even made it as well! Thanks Mara πŸ™‚

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  3. I really enjoyed your pictures of the strain of long flights. Both pictures are very dramatic. They tell a story of travelling long distances with nothing to do but watch the same clouds outside the window.

    I once flew from New York to London and viceversa. The flights were way too long. Love to see your pictures and read your stories.



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    1. Thanks so much Omar. Long haul travel can be so hard but the good thing is that you usually forget the horror once you arrive and have a cuppa πŸ™‚


  4. I knew you were travelling, but when I didn’t see you on my email feed, I had to go check. Lovely photo and it captures the long haul perfectly. Did you get to see Lovely Lucile in Amsterdam? Glad you are back or close to it!

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