The panels of glass in this very large window are separated by thick metal strips.

The thick metal strips bind the glass panels together to form a very large window.

This could be a post about construction. 
It could be about architecture.
It could be about seeing the world as glass half full or glass half empty.

It’s not.

It’s about seeing our differences, the things that separate us and how those same things can bind us together, for good or for bad.

Let’s think specifically about hate, about prejudice, these are things that cause huge separation between people… The man who hates another man, or race or religion or whatever he chooses to hate (and yes, it is a choice)…. That man has chosen to separate himself based on his hate or his prejudice. He can spend so much of his time and energy feeling that hatred, expressing his anger, that he remains bound to the very thing that he hates. He can never let it go, he can never move on, he will always be bound to a sour little festering piece of hatred.

I am lucky enough to have been raised in a country that until recently has been largely untouched by this level of hatred. I’ve also been raised by a team of two wonderful parents who have helped me to discover the world around me, providing guidance when required and support at all times.

I know I’m lucky and I’m eternally grateful for that.


I took this photo in Amsterdam, at the Eye Film Institute. It was taken from inside the cafe – I really liked the lines formed by the windows. Looking at the photo, I was compelled to think about separations and bindings so I did a bit of free writing. I’ve cleaned it up since writing it in Evernote. It’s just my ramblings, unfortunately I don’t have answers, just my views….and my wishes….

I’m adding this photo to dearest Lucile’s Photo101 Rehab Clinic.

x desleyjane



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18 replies on “Separation Binds

  1. Really beautiful and thought provoking piece. Certainly wasn’t expecting that when I first saw the picture, but I love the way you really thought about the subject of this photo and used it to say something important and substantial about the human condition. Creative AND moving. ❤

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  2. Beautiful words, my friend. Cannot possibly agree more. And how wonderful that you had this insight while being at the Eye Film Institute! The place where the history of film is hosted, and where each classic or new story, reminds us that life has so many layers of depth and breadth; surely attesting that denying human diversity is for those who have a blind mind.

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  3. Arresting photo and, of course, I mostly agree with the thoughts it led you to.
    What I agree with you a little less is the choice factor. Sometimes it is that. At other times, the hater doesn’t know any better and (most unfortunately) hate is all there is for them.

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  4. ‘…he remains bound to the very thing he hates’ – great point!

    It’s interesting how the thick bars and clear glass made you think of being bound to something so very different. It’s apt but unexpected. Photography has a way of calling out the details in more ways than one!

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      1. When you blog about a picture it adds another layer again – you find yourself looking at it in a completely different way than when you’re actually taking the picture and thinking more about framing or capturing lights, colours or patterns.

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