I hope you aren’t getting too sick of my Amsterdam posts 😉

Today is the city in glorious colour. As I have said, I was there for 50 hours. This was over three separate days and these photos span all three days. The first day was overcast, day 2 was glorious and day 3 was pretty good too, although cold for this Queenslander…


I think this is an absolutely stunning little city. I love the order of the buildings. I love the quirky touches amongst the order. I love how these people know how to party (more on that in an upcoming post). I hope you enjoy these photos. I’m adding them to Lucile’s Photo101 Rehab Clinic (of course!!).

I’m also submitting this to tinyexpats Show Your World event which is an awesome event sharing words and pictures to describe and showcase a particular destination. Stop by and take a look!

x desleyjane



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25 replies on “Amsterdam City in Living Colour

  1. What a gorgeous blue sky and fun Ferris wheel right in the middle of the city!
    Great shots and I look forward to seeing the partying post:)

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  2. Not getting sick of them at all! Love the colours and buildings – what a great experience you had and now you’re happy to share it with all of us – win/win I’d say!

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