Here’s a fun new weekly photo challenge open to everyone! Hope you can join in!
x desleyjane

Sights & Insights

When you put a scientist, photo-writer blogger together with an executive, pseudo-psychologist blogger, anything can happen, as they try to reinvent the words and images they see and make them their own.

Our mutual love of black and white dramatic photography, makes us The Drama Queens! And we have fun experimenting with that in the Photo Rehab Clinic.

When we heard that some rehab patients wanted ‘thematic treatments’ at our clinic, we came up with an idea to feed your creative vibes!

What’s that?

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16 replies on “News!!! Photo Rehab Launches a Weekly Photo Challenge

    1. Excellent – will check it out!! It’s a funny app to use, sometimes you have to click on the text to edit and sometimes on the little wheel…. Tricky.


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