Clifton_Dark-1 She slowly awoke. How long has she been out? What the hell had he done to her this time? She stilled her body, afraid of alerting him to her wakefulness. She worked at calming her breathing as she very cautiously opened her eyes to slits to survey the room as best she could from her position. She was, as usual, strapped to the table, her arms back behind her head, her legs apart. A single tear slid down her her temple – all the pity that she allowed herself for the loss of her dignity in this godforsaken place. She still had her underwear thank god. He hadn’t touched her like that, but she had seen him looking at her body, a predatory look in his eye and sometimes he would let out a small rasping sound when his hand accidentally brushed against her body. Her shirt was in tatters, just scraps remaining, leaving her exposed and vulnerable. And providing him easy access to her bare flesh. He was definitely drugging her, her mind was often clouded. Every few days he would approach her and drag her to her feet. The first few times, he would press his fingers intoΒ her wounded side and that would be enough to knock her out. More recently, he was resorting to a sharp blow to her head to put her out. She would wake up either strapped to the table or still slung roughly over his shoulder. He was big, really big. And strong. She tried to fight back every time but was unable to make the slightest impact. She could see his broad back now, his massive shoulders hunched as he sat on the chair facing away from her, writing in his notebook. She heard a pinging sound and was startled out of her thoughts to see him reaching into his pocket for a phone as he turned quickly to see if she was awake. She snapped her eyes closed and fought for a calmness to settle over her body. She didn’t want to draw further attention to herself. She couldn’t make out what he said on the phone, just the sound of his voice in a low growl. He ended the call and stood, turning to look at her prone body. He moved to stand at the end of the table so that he was looking up her body over the long lines of her legs. She gave up all pretence of unconsciousness now as she realised he was going to touch her. He stepped forward and reached towards her right leg. She shrieked and instinctively tried to pull her legs up and he smiled cruelly, his lips pulling back and revealing yellowed teeth. He laughed softly and released the bindings at each ankle. As he walked around to her wounded left side, he trailed his hand up her leg and over her thigh, coming to rest at the base of her stomach. She was breathing rapidly now and could feel her stomach shaking in terror under his gloved hand. What was he doing? He didn’t usually touch her like that! With one hand on her left shoulder, he pressed down on her flesh with his right hand as he moved it towards her wounded ribs. She couldn’t help it, she whimpered in pain. She didn’t want to make a sound, didn’t want to give him that satisfaction but it was unavoidable, the pain was unbearable. She fought for consciousness, she did not want to pass out with his hands on her. She closed her eyes and clenched her teeth as she slowed her breathing. She was still shaking, but she was regaining control and was not going to lose herself to this man. Just as she was starting to breath normally, she registered movement on her right side and the world descended into darkness again as he leaned heavily into her left ribs and at the same time, she felt the needle puncture her other arm.

Ok so this is getting dark. I hope I’m not putting anyone off. Let me know if I am, if it’s too dark. I’m not sure where this is going to end up but God I hope it’s a happy place.
Airplane? Yes.
Going home? Yes.
Exhausted? Absolutely.
x desleyjane
PS edited and uploaded at home later, safe and sound x.
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26 replies on “Restrained

  1. Oh good grief Desley, this is quiet terrifying, I think I stopped breathing around half way through, what a magnificent contribution to sark said thursday. I do wonder how this will all end, and can’t wait to read more…Outstanding!

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  2. This is wonderfully dark and no, not too dark for me! I need to go back and read the others though… really enjoyed this one!

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  3. Desley, I hope she will fight back and win over her attacker!! Please make a sequel to this story!
    Your descriptions of the scene are so realistic!

    Liked by 3 people

  4. You really do know how to put the dark in “Dark Sides Thursday.” You also know how to keep us reading. I do hope she finds the courage to fight back, like Lia said above. Girl power over the monster! πŸ™‚

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