It’s One Photo Focus time again. Hosted by Stacy at Visual Venturing, we are given a photo each month to edit however we like. This month, the photo was provided by Robin at PhotographyByKent. Here’s is Robin’s original, unedited photo:


I started by correcting for camera and lens as well as mild noise reduction – these are my standard import presets. Then I had a bit of fun with a few edits, first up a natural edit to keep the image to how I imagine it was on the day – bright and sunny with a glorious blue sky and green lawn.


Next up, I converted to a monochrome edit, using the LightRoom Split Tone #4 Preset and doing a gradual exposure adjustment as well as some other minor tweaks.


Finally, I did a crazy fun edit just like my recent Pop Art Cactus shot. I created 4 separate files in LightRoom and then exported them to my iPhone 6 and used the PicFrame App to place the 4 images.

Photo 28-06-2015 4 00 27 pm

I hope you enjoy these edits – make sure you go and check all of the others as well!

x desleyjane

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21 replies on “One Photo Focus (July)

  1. The original photo you had to work with was already a gorgeous one but I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all your edits!!! Wow, it’s amazing the technology that is out there nowadays…I especially enjoyed your PopArt one! The Capital Building never looked so fun!
    Cheers to your great editing!

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  2. Desley, I always love to see your various interpretations, and this month is no exception! Great first edit with lovely bright colors; the split-toned monochrome is very cool (I never use split toning – don’t know why, but probably because I just haven’t grasped how to effectively apply it). And your pop-art version is just too much fun. Here I thought you did some fancy-dancy work in PS and it turns out to be on your iPhone (well, it’s still fancy-fancy but less intimidating 😀) Thanks, as always, for joining in the 1PF fun. Always a kick to have you!

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    1. Aw thanks Stacy. You made my morning! Yes there are some really cool apps for photography editing and I’ve only tried a few of them. I downloaded a couple more last night actually to see what else I can do☺️
      The split toning. I had never used it before either but I was just playing with the presets in Lightroom and I really liked the effect. Thanks again for setting up this super cool challenge.


  3. The pop art image is amazing, DJ! Capitol Hill never looked so fun, fresh, and wholly unique. 🙂 I also love how vibrant the natural image is. Make me miss Washington D.C. and the eight weeks I spent there one year ago so much!

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      1. I like them, too! I hope to see more of them from you. They are so much fun!
        I will be back there some day! I love that city far too much to be done with it forever. I wouldn’t mind living there one day, too. My ultimate goal right now, at least career wise, is to be a genocide educator and boy, it would be a dream come true to work at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in D.C. But…we’ll see where my journey takes me. First, though, Thailand is calling! 🙂

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        1. Wow Britta that is a fantastic goal to have and I’m sure you will get there. You are certainly starting out with real motivation and dedication – great work!


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