My friend invited us to watch her Spotlight Dance at the Dance Studio where she studies ballroom. I took my camera along (of course!) and tried my hand at shooting fast-moving subjects in very low light and with a flash. I used the flash that came with my camera – a hot shoe popup. It was difficult shooting handheld in these conditions and I found the images generally looked best in black and white. Take a look…

The settings for each photo are in the captions. I’m submitting these educational (for me) photos to Lucile’s Photo Rehab Clinic!

What’s your experience with handheld shooting in very low light with moving subjects? Also, what is your experience with flash photography.

x desleyjane

PS – I changed my theme this weekend. If you have time, take a look and see what you think 🙂

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23 replies on “Dancing in the Dark

  1. DJ, I’m overly impressed but not surprised because you turn stones into diamonds in every single shot you make.
    Imagine if you had the ‘perfect’ conditions? Do you think you needed it?
    What you do is art, and art is the result of resourcefulness and creativity. At least for this human being without art education.
    These photos are beautifully done! Punto.
    The atmosphere is gorgeous. It feels like an old ball room.
    You can dance, even in darkness!

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    1. Wow thank you. You flatter me. It was certainly educational for me. I want to play with my flash some more now. I love the last line of your comment xox.


  2. Nice set of photos Desley, I love the swishing skirt. Good on you, I avoid dark indoors as its too hard with my lenses and I don’t use the flash so thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

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  3. You have captured the joy, energy and enthusiasm that comes from dancing! These photos are great and although I don’t have experience shooting in low light or with action shots, I can imagine it’s something photographers need to work extra to achieve…And you got it!
    This dance class looks like lots of fun…I especially like the one in B&W with the lady’s skirt flaring around…definitely a retro-vibe to your gallery!
    Oh, and I like your new Cubic theme…it showcases your photos and entices the reader to click on the boxes! Brava!
    Have a super start to your week!

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      1. Oh I’m so glad!! Have a happy start to your Tuesday…Our Monday is on its way out, over here…How cool are timezones!
        I’m happy to be a supporter of your blog and your creative work!
        All my best, always,

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  4. Wow!! These are amazing! The only subjects I’ve done in low light – with no flash- are my dog photos at an Obedience Trial. I found that they worked much better in black and white instead of color. Especially because of the grainy-ness. These are absolutely beautiful!

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      1. I’ve been slowly perusing your photography and you have such a wonderful eye and a gift of capturing “moments.” Im enjoying looking at your work and at the photographers in the Photo Rehab group!

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