For Tech of the Month: Black and White, hosted by PerelinColors and Lucile’s PhotoRehab Clinic.

This month, they ask us what we thinks make a great black and white image, and what we look for when shooting in black and white. I’ve posted a lot of black and white recently – it really is my preferred type of photography.

I have presented the above photos today to show the simplicity of black and white photography. This building is the Eye Film Institute in Amsterdam. It was a cold afternoon and beginning to rain lightly. The photo with a predominantly white background was taken from one side of the building and the other two photos were taken from the other side. I think this illustrates how a stormy sky can affect your photographs. The clouds add some drama to the shot.

The first image with the white background makes for a striking shot in a different way – the building stand outs on its own, allowing you to really focus on the intricate pattern displayed in the tiled surface. Adding some extra contrast in editing has also brought out the discolourations in those tiles.

There are so many ways that black and white can work for you. Here, it is angles and shapes and lines on a pale background that give you the drama in the shot.

Another way to show drama is to have a very dark background and this is something that I have been experimenting with recently. I have shown these photos before, but I think they illustrate this example very well:

These images, to me, really are monochromatic dramatic. The dark background serves to really highlight the intricate details of these beautiful plants, removing all other distractions from the shot.

What are your thoughts? Do you have a favourite among these images? Do you have any special techniques or any thoughts in general on black and white photography. Be sure to check out PerelinColors post and the other contributions at Lucile’s Photo Rehab Clinic.

I’m really loving this expression, maybe I’ll make Monochromatic Dramatic a new feature…hmmnnnnnnnn…..

x desleyjane

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22 replies on “Monochromatic Dramatic

  1. i have no special techniques i am really not that advanced, love all your images as always. You know what though the architecture with the dramatic lines, I would never be inspired really or probably to even catch a glimpse of that and photograph it, it is funny what draws some peoples attention and not others, but it looks great 🙂 x

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  2. My favourites are the second and third flower shots because they contain so much light in their monochrome. I’m a rank amateur, but my best b&w shots , post-processed, have both been portraits of my daughter.

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  3. Love the dramatic shots. I must try out the dark background. BTW, sorry I haven’t been around lately. It was “no reading” week in the Artist’s Way thing I’m doing. The week ended today. I’m playing catch up now. Might be up all night. LOL

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  4. I also love flowers on a dark background. I first saw this technique by a photographer, blowing out the background around a luxury car. Well, I should say that was the first time I paid more attention to how this was done. It really makes for drama! And these photos also show how keeping things simple is so very helpful in getting an impressive photo. By the way, did you change your theme? It looks great on my laptop! I love it.

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      1. 🙂 I just changed my theme too and am getting used to it. I really loved it yesterday but I’m not so sure today. My biggest problem has been with the header. I loved my homemade one but my new theme doesn’t support it. Instead, it cuts it off on vertically oriented tablets and phones. *sigh*

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          1. Yahoo! Well, not really but I’m so happy I’m not the only one with this issue. I’ve tried and tried and tried and spent far too long fighting with a header only to discover it, once again, failed. I don’t have one photo that speaks to my theme so I’m tempted to skip using one. I’ll keep trying though because that’s how I roll. 😀

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