Maybe his name is “Diamond”? πŸ˜‰

I’ve been reminiscing about my trip to Amsterdam in April this year and taking a look though the photos on these cold Aussie winter evenings.

I really loved these shots. Lucile and I were playing with the 60mm macro lens on my camera and took a few shots inside the Eye Film Institute. I don’t know whether she took these or if I did, either way I really like them.

Off to the Photo Rehab Clinic they go.

x desleyjane


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14 replies on “A Girl’s Best Friend?

  1. How could I ever forget that weekend and our photo craze? You are dearly missed my friend.
    I shot the image but….you saw the lady and the dog. My role was merely related to being better positioned to shoot. The merit is all yours. This photo is divine.

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  2. Seems like there should be a story . . .


    I hold him and he does not struggle. He’s like that; generous with his friendship, accepting of my hugs. We’ve been through a lot he and I, and it shows in the weariness of his face and the reserved facade I sport out of habit. But we’re OK now, in this place . . . a glass of wine, a place to sit and rest, and the comfort of friendship . . . one could ask for more, but there is no need.


    OK, not really a story; more like an impression.

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        1. Now see that’s one comment I just made that I’m not sure about. Will you think that I meant that I don’t know what YOUT comments mean sometimes? Or will you realize that I actually meant that I have the same problem sometimes. 😝


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