Last week I visited Melbourne for a day trip. I left my home at 5am, worked all day, then flew out at 8pm, arriving back at my home at 11:30pm. I knew I would have a couple of hours before my flight home so I took my trusty Olympus OMD EM5 with my 17mm (35mm equivalent) lens and got these shots on a two hour stroll through one part of this beautiful city.

First up, a couple of comparison shots. Each one is a separate shot, and processed differently.

Next up – my favourite coffee shop in Melbourne – 7 Seeds. Every person who I’ve taken here has deemed it their new favourite coffee spot. The coffee is amazing – super mellow, but with a good kick. The food is delicious, the decor is very cool, warehouse-style, the staff are fabulous and they really know their stuff.

Finally, some shots taken on a stroll from Parkville into town:

For Lucile’s Photo101 Rehab Clinic – stroll on over 😉

x desleyjane


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25 replies on “Short Shoot in Melbourne

  1. You don’t miss an opportunity! This is true passion! And you deliver the goods, better said, the jewels. Diamonds! Yes, we love diamonds!
    I like both versions in monochrome and color. And the quote with morning boost is a winner!
    Such an interesting city to live in and photograph. I am addicted to Michelle’s photos already and these just produce the same effect!

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  2. Great shots there Desley, so many wonderful shots to capture, you must have been like a wee kind in a candy store. I took a similar picture in NYC with those same blue bicycles 🙂

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  3. Love how you gave the comparisons of colour and B&W I liked both versions as they portray a completely different vibe. B&W is sinister and gritty, colour is vibrant and full of life. Great gallery and so very “Melbourne”…

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  4. These are great and it’s nice to see the colour and BW for comparison, I prefer the BW myself but now and tHen a splash of colour has added impact, nice job!

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