EarlyMorningDew-26How cool is this single drop? It’s perched on the end of one of the leaves of the weed shown below. I love the way water droplets are rounded (that’s science!!) and that they reflect the world around them (that’s science too LOL). This pink flower is a tiny weed, just a centimetre long.

Oh Lucile! These are for The Clinic!
x desleyjane


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39 replies on “A Single Drop

      1. I always wanted to buy a macro-objective for my cam just because of such pictures but I just can’t imagine to give away so much money just for fun πŸ˜„ still I regret not buying one each time I see such pics πŸ˜„

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  1. These are gorgeous! Beauty and magic in a single drop. I wish I had a macro lens at the moment to capture all the life stages of the ladybird in my wattle tree. They are magnificent too!

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  2. oh my these photos are simply awesome, you should sell them, I would have them on my wall. Beautiful. PS doing some serious catching up and love your header though I know you had it a while I never commented ❀


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