It’s time again for our PhotoRehab Cover Makeover Challenge. Lucile has set us a crazy challenge this week – the cover from a block of chocolate!!! Here is the original:


We laughed about this cover, it’s not so appealing although Lucile assures me that the contents are delicious 😉

I have to say, this sounded like a lot of fun and it was, although difficult to think of what to use at first. When I think of chocolate, I think rich and dark and decadent, so after lots of consideration and flipping through archived shots, I thought I would zoom in on one of my recent Dewy Gemstones shots and convert that to a cover.

 I took my original shot in Lightroom and rotated it to portrait and cropped to a 16:9 ratio which I think is more like the shape of a block of chocolate 🙂

Then I opened the photo in one of my favourite iPhone apps, Typic, and had some fun adding the blocks of colour and lettering. I discovered that there seems to be a limit in the number of text boxes you can add so I had to save the image halfway and reopen to add more text.

I may have accidentally borrowed the idea of dark purple from one of my favourite chocolate brands 😉  I honestly didn’t think anything of it until later…

Ok now it’s your turn – what’s your take on this cover makeover challenge?

Here’s the badge – click on through to add your cover! Don’t forget to hashtag #photorehabcovermakeover !!

Dive on in and happy editing!
x desleyjane


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24 replies on “PhotoRehab Cover Makeover 6

  1. Yummy challenge! Funny how all those fair trade brands look so .. heu.. special. They should hire you head of the creative department, I bet they would sale much more. Will do my best to work on something this WE, but can’t guarantee anything yet. Except that I too will eat chocolate to get me in the creative mood 😉

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