I trapped myself in my hotel room one night in Melbourne last week with a pizza and a bottle of wine and my camera. They had upgraded me to a corner suite which gives me a view of the park and the city, so I decided to experiment – remember, I am a scientist 😉

The first two photos are Lightroom experiments. I recently upgraded Lightroom by subscribing to the Creative Cloud, which gives me the newest version of Lightroom (currently Version 6) and also Photoshop. I haven’t opened Photoshop yet!

In Lightroom 6, we now have the ability to create panorama shots and also to do HDR. Both are easy – just select the photos you want to Merge and then click Photo – Merge – and choose HDR or Panorama.

So, the first shot below is my first panorama created in Lightroom and the second one is my first HDR – neither are spectacular, but both were good experiments.

The remaining shots were long exposures for PerelinColors / Photo101 Rehab Clinic Tech of the Month: Long Exposure. I really wanted to catch the light trails of the traffic and also to capture stars in the lights and I’ve managed to do both here, so I was satisfied. Now I just need a new spot to do some more shots.

I also wanted to tell you fellow Instagrammers about a challenge I’ve found. You may remember that I have used an app called Pixlr for some of our PhotoRehabCoverMakeovers. On Instagram, Pixlr post a weekly challenge and this week I joined in. The challenge was called #inception and invited us to take a photo of a phone taking a photo. It was fun and there are some super creative entries. Here are my experimentation shots below. The first one is the one I posted on Instagram. You can connect with me there using the icon in my menu above.

How about you? Have you found any cool challenges on Instagram? Have you experimented with light and with long exposures? Make sure you check out the Photo101 Rehab Challenges Tech of the Month and Available Light.

x desleyjane

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25 replies on “Experimenting with Light

  1. I feel like I will never be able to catch up with the speed of my Master Scientist! When I am just beginning to learn something there you come again with even more mastery! These are pretty cool shots, not under the influence of pizza nor wine. LOL.
    The experimentation with taking a photo of taking a photo is fabulous!


  2. Gorgeous images Desley and thanks for the Lightroom tips. I went ‘Creative Cloud’ a few weeks back and my mind is exploding with all the possibilities. Any tips and tricks you have on offer would be welcome 🌞

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    1. I much prefer Typic for putting lettering and designs on. It’s so easy. But Pixlr has a tonne of super cool effects and overlays that you can apply. It’s worth trying.
      Also, there’s a new one called Canva which I believe is computer and iPad only. Not iPhone unfortunately. But I’m going to check out Canva on my Mac tonight. It’s supposed to be a Photoshop alternative and it’s free! If it’s good, I’ll write about it.


  3. Great photos Desley. I especially love the top one taken from the hotel window. I’ve been trying to work out what the large oval shape is. I know you were staying around Carlton but can’t quite place it …

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    1. Thanks Michelle. That’s the park behind/beside the Royal Children’s Hospital. My hotel is The Larwill Studio which is physically attached to the hospital on the city-side and overlooks that park (which used to be where the old children’s hospital was). Cheers!

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