This guy was enjoying the sunshine, listening to his tunes.

Whaddya reckon? Shania Twain? 80’s Hair Bands? Metallica? David Guetta?

From a recent trip to Southbank for my Changing Seasons shoot.

For Lucile’s Photo101 Rehab Clinic.

x desleyjane


Posted by:desleyjane

photographer, blogger, planner, scientist, dog lover, frequent flyer, daughter, sister, BFF, human

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          1. No. Only the site owner can paste photos. Videos are allowed as links (YouTube and the like).

            The easiest way to post a photo in the comments (if you are the owner) is to use the following code (I’m going to use one of my pictures, but it won’t show up):

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          2. OK, the code did not show up at all. I’ll try entering them without the open and close symbols:

            img src=”http://smu.gs/1MHEQkg” width 640

            The above needs to be enclosed between the Less-Than (). Hopefully this will show up.


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