PhotoRehab Cover Makeover 11


Another week of really great covers from the makeover team – see Lucile’s Wrap Up post here for all the very cool designs for “The Lord of the Rings”. Thanks again to everyone for joining in, it’s wonderful to see all the creative talent at work.

This week, it’s a movie. And it’s a classic. The Sound of Music.

I am well known for not loving this movie. It’s not completely true. I used to watch it so often, that it became irritating and I can’t quite face watching it again. Funnily enough, I went to Salzburg many years ago for work and only had a very short amount of time to see the sights, so I did The Sound of Music tour, which took us to all of the hotspots from the movie. I thought I would be able to do this cover, no sweat, since I’d been there to the actual places! However, those shots were taken when I was quite young, photographically inexperienced, and the shots aren’t as good as I remembered. I’ve added a couple at the end of this post for your perusal, which I did some very quick editing on recently. 

But now, onto the cover! Here are a few of the original covers:

And here is my version that I created by using the Pixlr app to stylise the image with a silk painted look and the Typic app to add the text. The image is from a cruise through Milford Sound in New Zealand.


Now, if you’d like to participate, head over to Lucile’s Wrap Up Post for all the details.

Happy Makeovering!
x Desley & Lucile

Some pics from Salzburg taken with my very first digital camera, a Canon IXUS something-something LOL. Just try to imagine a young and naive desleyjane, fresh-faced from Australia, on just her second trip overseas, head pounding from all the singing about raindrops on roses while on the bus. So these are my very young attempts at photographing this gorgeous place. Can you recognise any of the spots from the movie?


14 Comments Add yours

  1. tildy1 says:

    Great idea! Love your novice photos too!

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    1. desleyjane says:

      Thanks Tildy!! Ah memories 😄

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  2. kirsten says:

    Great cover makeover. You are amazing with your apps! Your “novice” attempts as you call them are really good. You had a wonderful eye for the shot even back then!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. desleyjane says:

      Cheers Kirsten 😉 I was there for just 3 days and working for most of it so it was a whirlwind tour and I really enjoyed it.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Debbie H says:

    Great cover shots – and your photos from years ago are great. I’ll see what I can come up with later.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. desleyjane says:

      Cheers! And am now looking forward to yours.

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  4. Wow, DJ, your quick shots as a young’un are fantastic! You certainly had an eye for composition. This is my favorite movie/musical. I even walked down the aisle to an instrumental guitar/piano version of “Climb Every Mountain,” two years ago when I remarried. My hubby visited Salzburg in his 20s but had never seen the movie!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. desleyjane says:

      Oh thanks so much Terri. That is a beautiful song, would have been lovely!

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  5. Okay, clearly I am way behind on things – I’ve seen these photos on Jennifer Wells’ postings but didn’t until know realize you were part of running the challenge! Yikes. What a very cool challenge! So much talent. I will have to go back and visit each of the 11 weeks to see what I have been missing. Nicely done, Desley 😀 (P.S. I had a friend in college who went to see the movie with me. By the time the cast broke into the third song, she had had enough. I remember her exclaiming, “Oh, please,” and then she up and walked out. Too funny. To each his/her own. Personally, it’s a favorite of mine!)

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    1. desleyjane says:

      LOL yes I can see how irritating the movie can be. I am not a lover of musicals but I used to love this one. Thanks Stacy, yes Lucile and I came up with this idea and it’s keeping us out of trouble getting it done each week. We’d love to have you join us!! Sorry for the delay in responding here. X


  6. nalinki says:

    It’s so funny, most Austrians have never seen the movie. I watched it with my lab during my phd some years ago, because our US students could not believe we did not know it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. desleyjane says:

      LOL. Well I think it is part of the tourism industry in Salzburg!! Did you like it? 😋

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