New Adventures.

I’ve been away for a little while, preparing for my move from Beautiful Brisbane to Magical Melbourne – see my Break in Transmission post.

Things have progressed quite a bit since that post. My parents have sold their house – it was on the market for just 7 days and someone snapped it up. They have a 30 day settlement contract, so they will be moving out in about 2 weeks! They are moving from Brisbane back to our hometown (Mackay) which is 1,000km north of Brisbane and I’m moving to Melbourne, which is 2,000km south of Brisbane. There’s so much to be done, so many things to remember to do, it’s a fairly stressful experience and I admit that I’ve become quite overwhelmed with it all at times.

I took a little longer to get going than my parents. I’ve realised that being single makes some things quite difficult – there’s so much that has to be done, so many decisions to make, so much work preparing – it would be so much easier to share these parts with someone else.

I’m finally ready to get going – I met with the real estate last week and yesterday the photographer came through to photograph my home and do the 360 degree layout so that interstate buyers can go through it remotely. It was cool to follow him around and see what they do and how they get the shots they need. It was a three hour process and I am very impressed with the level of detail they go to.

Preparing for the photographers and subsequent open house days was enormous. I had to paint over my pink walls in the living room and hallway (don’t worry, the pink door is staying!!). I had to take down all of my photos of people, which is most of my photos. Which means I had to take screws out of the walls and putty up the holes, sand and paint – what a huge process. And I had to declutter to the point of extreme minimalism. My family have been a fantastic help – they have so much of their own stuff to do, but they still make time to come and help me with everything. I’m so grateful to them.

I spent a few days in Melbourne last week, got to hang out with one of my besties for a night. It was like old times – neither of us can make a decision on dinner, we finally decided but then didn’t like the place when we got there, so we went to our all time favourite dumpling restaurant, which we should have gone to first. This happens almost every time, it’s kind of weird if it doesn’t happen this way 😉 We realised that we hadn’t seen each other for our birthdays (he’s in July, I’m in August) so we made it a birthday dinner celebration with wine and cocktails as well. It was a really good night. He’s going through some heavy stuff right now, but he still took the time to make sure I was ok. Non-stop chatting, lots of laughs and even a couple of tears – good tears 🙂

I was excited to find a fabulous apartment in Melbourne – a converted silo, very cool. I applied for it and MissGidget and I were accepted, but the timing wasn’t quite right so I had to say no, which was very sad but ultimately for the best as it was too stressful to think about paying a mortgage and rent at the same time.

On Monday, my home goes on the market and then we wait for a buyer to fall in love with it. Once I know when the sale will happen, then I can make a start on finding somewhere to live in my new city.

Ok that might be enough rambling from me for now. I wanted to let you know what’s going on with me. I feel bad for not being very present here lately. I do scroll through the reader when I have time and comment on some posts here and there. Thank goodness for Lucile, who is pretty much managing our PhotoRehab Cover Makeover Challenge all by herself and she is doing a fabulous job.

I did take some time out this morning to do a little mini photo shoot in my garden, I’ll prep those photos for posting soon. I’m also planning to post my Dark Side Thursday story in a single post soon so I can prepare for getting back to finishing that, but this week I think I have a standalone story for you from a recent trip.

On Sunday, I’m meeting up with an old friend, who is also a photographer, and we will do my next Changing Seasons shoot and then go to dinner and catch up. I finally feel like I can get a breather for a week or so while the marketing plan for my home gets underway. I know it will get superbusy again once the sale happens and I have to start packing for real!

Let me know how you’re doing. If you have any tips on dealing with the stresses of selling house and moving 2,000km away, please let me know. You know I love hearing from you all and I am thankful to you for sticking with me through this absence.

x desleyjane

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54 replies on “Overwhelmed but Excited.

  1. Moving is always so stressful. I wish we could just blink our eyes and have everything done! I LOVE your pink door! Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for finding a great place exactly when you need it!

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  2. Puttying holes! Sorry to hear you’re having to worry about stuff like that. It struck me while reading your post how you’re still so full of gratitude in the middle of a stressful season. I hope the next weeks and months go smoothly, and you have more little moments like the one with your friend that keep you going.

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  3. It’s good to hear how you are going and that you are coping OK, I’ve been thinking of you and I do hope everything goes smoothly for you in the next few weeks/months ahead.Take care of yourself as moving is a very stressful situation (as I’m sure you know).

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    1. Thanks Deb, I really appreciate your thoughts. It feels slightly better now because it’s out of my hands for the next bit while they find someone to buy, but then will come the packing and looking for somewhere else – eek!! Deep breath, all good 😄 I hope you are doing well. I saw the bride to be on IG today!! So exiting!!

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  4. Ouch! I feel tired just thinking of all the things you had to do. Good luck selling old home and finding new one. I’ve only ever sold one house, the buyer came to me and I only had to pack and leave. Thank you for sharing a far more complex process.

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  5. Wow, Desley! The last time I moved was 19 years ago, and while me and my hubby are contemplating downsizing (since we are now empty nesters), the amount of decluttering and just plain work involved in the process is daunting (and there’s two of us)! I’ve heard about the need to minimize AND to remove personal mementos and photos so that prospective owners can visualize themselves in your place. My heart goes out to you with all the work you have done. Fingers crossed that it’s a quick sale!

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    1. OMG there’s so much stuff!! I don’t know how I accumulate so much. I have vowed to be more sensible with that from now on. I’ve decluttered extensively and I like how it is now so I’m hoping I can keep it up. Although a lot of stuff is already in boxes oops. Thanks so much Stacy X.


  6. Fixing up, changes, house-hunting, AND you still find time to blog! :O Sounds like you’re coping well with all the stress, Desley. Lots of work went into advertising your place – I’m sure that the right buyer will soon be found. Pity that you lost the apartment that you liked, but as you said – wrong timing, so you’re bound to find another that you love even more. All the best!

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    1. Thanks Sandi. I have been fairly absent lately, but try to keep up with what people are writing when I can. This week I’ll have a few posts because I had time yesterday to get a few things done. Thanks so much, I’m sure I’ll find something good when the time comes 🙂

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  7. I moved so many times in my life that I can’t even count. And I absolutely hate moving because I accumulate books and stuff and when I start packing I usually realize I own too much. I usually have a day before moving where I go through all my stuff and decide what I need and what not. I then bring clothes to some organization for the poor and if I have furniture I give it away for free to someone in need. This helps me to calm down, relax and feel like moving has actually started in a pretty good way 🙂

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    1. Thanks Becky. Yes that’s a great idea. I’ve taken two carloads to a charity organization so far and they were grateful. I’ve sold some things online as well. I can’t imagine moving that often. I’m living out of a suitcase right now which I’m used to with the travelling that I do all the time 😉

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      1. So you already had a great start! 🙂 moving doesn’t last forever, it’ll be over soon and you’ll be back to normal 🙂 try to enjoy it 😉

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  8. Moving is a very stressful activity with lots to do. I hope the sale of your home goes quickly and you are able to find a “just you” place to live in Melbourne. I wonder what colour the new owners will paint those once-pink walls! Enjoy Melbourne!

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  9. Desley, I can feel your pain from here but am so glad you have friends you are able to both relax with and I’m sure “purge” with (one of life’s necessities!). Decluttering is one of those things that is horribly tedious at the time yet so rewarding afterwards. I’ve FINALLY finished what I thought would be my two week de-clutter but turned out to be two months. And like you, hope in the future we can maintain “this” look rather then what we had as it really does feel good. Rather frightening though when you think we arrived here only 4-1/2 years ago with 1,500lbs of air-freight, lol. Certainly does NOT take long to accumulate. Wishing you a speedy sale on your house! 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much Joanne. The decluttering is 100% worth it. Feels so good. I’m trying to imagine how much 1500lbs of freight is. I haven’t talked to removalists yet – still a lot to be done!! Thanks again 🙂

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  10. What a lot of things have been happening in your life since my last “visit” (I’ve been house sitting so not so much time to drop by) The market is so strong at the moment, with all the attention to detail you have taken, I’m sure your place will be snapped up. In fact as I write this it wouldn’t surprise me to hear it is now sold. Good luck and with your positive attitude things will just fall into place. Now I must go over to your link to get the full story…

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  11. I guess I missed that post that you are moving! Wow, stressful indeed. I thought I was stressed just moving a few things to storage and moving a couple of things into my daughter’s room to sleep there while our room addition is being worked on! Well, hang in there and we’ll be here waiting for your next post!!

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  12. With that pink door it will be sold instantly! Good luck with your move, it’s difficult when you relocate rather than move somewhere in the neighbourhood. I can’t begin to count how many times I have moved, but it is still stressful. Hoping to do the same next year – in process of buying and fortunately don’t have a house to sell this time! I shall look forward to your take on Melbourne 🙂

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    1. Thank you! Good luck with buying! I was definitely less stressful buying last time when I didn’t have a house to sell at the same time. I’m going to rent in Melbourne to figure out where I want to live but it’s tricky trying to get the dates close!


      1. Yes being in rental saves some of the stress and we can overlap when the sale finally goes through so no time-scale. It was a little more difficult when we sold our flat to move into rental. Another overlap and we kept thinking “what if the buyer pulls out!”

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