Some of you may have noticed that I have been somewhat absent from the land of blogging of late. It breaks my heart a little bit, because it’s always my favourite thing to do – writing posts with photos that I’ve painstakingly captured and edited, reading posts from my wonderful blogging friends and mostly reading and responding to the comments that inspire me to do more of the same.

I have been away a little bit, just mainly relying on posts that I had in drafts and just tweaked slightly to post. The reason for this is that I am in the process of moving from my beautiful city of Brisbane, to the magical city of Melbourne. This involves decluttering, packing up, sanding, painting, cleaning – all those things that are required when you sell your home. I’ve lived here for 15 years and the last 9 have been in this same house, my first home that I have owned.

It’s sad to be leaving. My family is also moving, they are moving back home to where we grew up. So they are moving 1,000km north to very warm, humid weather. And I am moving 2,000km south to moodier and cooler weather. So I will be 3,000km away from my dear family, where now I am just 10km away – eek! It’s ok, we’ve talked about it a lot, and we’re all excited to be going off on our new adventures, and we will be but a short plane ride away.

Melbourne is a beautiful city, as you probably know from some of my fellow Aussie’s posts. I am so excited to start photographing that beautiful city, although a part of me will miss my Changing Seasons shoots here in Brisbane.

So, a few changes happening here on Musings of a Frequent Flying Scientist:

  1. I missed posting for the August “3 of the Best“, which is feature I write with PerelinColors, who has kindly agreed that we will switch to posting this feature every second month. So you can expect a new and exciting post for “3 of the Best” in September.
  2. I will sadly not be able to do Image Reboot this month, but the lovely Lucile will share something for you that day instead.
  3. I have missed my beloved Dark Side Thursday – I have even missed reading Andy’s new chapters as I haven’t had time to devote to reading either. But I will be back soon. We have to get that girl out of the dungeon!
  4. That leaves us with PhotoRehab Cover Makeover – this will continue, simply because dear Lucile continues to write the wrap up posts each work – this is a lot of work and I am very grateful to her for doing it. I simply make the new cover, which is fun and doesn’t take up too much time, plus I can usually do it on the go with fun apps. The downside for us, we miss out on Lucile’s creations, but they are coming soon – I promise!!!

I do apologise for this momentary break in transmission, but I do promise to be back and I will try not to overload you with photos of Melbourne too often. I will miss my lovely back garden, where all of my little creepy crawlies are always waiting for their photo shoot, so I will have to find a new spot for those in Melbourne.

I haven’t really addressed why I am moving. It’s partly for work and partly for me. Most of my business is there, so my travel should decrease somewhat. But also, I’m craving a change of pace. So, while I’m young(ish) and able, I thought, why not? I’ve always loved Melbourne and almost moved there 10 years ago, so I think – now is the time!

x desleyjane

PS – yes, Miss Gidget is coming with me!

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58 replies on “Break in Transmission

  1. Awww good luck with the move! Can’t wait to see the somewhat new direction your photos may take (with different change in seasons) .. And yay for Miss G going along of course 😀

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  2. How exciting – good luck with the move, hope it all goes well for you – LOVE Melbourne.💖 A friend of mine moved there from BrisVegas also, making him my “super” favourite friend to visit… frequently, lol! 😂

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  3. How exciting for you and Gidget! This is huge! Can’t wait to find out how the transition goes, and to see all the photos of your new city. OMG… I just had a thought. You can’t go! You can’t leave behind your fab front door!

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  4. Hoping that your move goes smoothly Desley! It sounds like it is going to be a good thing for you. All the pics I’ve seen of Melbourne have me wishing that June would hurry up and get here faster. I look forward to seeing you pictures of your new home city 😃

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  5. Hey Desley – I knew something was in the wind!!! Just a few clues and you hadn’t been around much, I was missing your posts 🙂 I’m so glad for you, as it seems like you’ve thought it all through and haven’t rushed into anything. What a change it will be for you (and your family) – but think of the new perspective you will have living in such a different city. The weather will be quite a shock to the system. I hope all goes well with the move and I look forward to hearing all about it at some stage. Take care x

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    1. Thanks Deb, it’s been so busy trying to get the place ready. Two places actually since the folks are also moving. Yes the weather will definitely be a change but I’m ready. I think. Eek! 😀😀 thanks again x.

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  6. Desley! Best wishes on your move! I can imagine that there are a lot of emotions that come with your moving to Melbourne and your family moving up north…I look forward to hearing more about Melbourne, a city that I have heard glorious things about…and I know you’ll capture it in a way that makes us feel as if we were there with you!
    Good luck and here’s to embracing change and newness in life…You inspire me to do the same!
    Much love and oh, yes I look forward to your girl breaking out of that dungeon and escaping from her captors!

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    1. Oh thank you Lia! It is definitely a huge thing. My parents sold their house a few days ago and that has made the whole thing real. It’s quite exciting and very daunting.
      Oh yes, the poor chick is still stuck, I’d better fix that soon 😉
      Thanks again for all your supportive and lovely words.
      Happy Wednesday to you xox.

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  7. What an adventure, good luck with the transition and I look forward to seeing your interpretation of Melbourne. At least with your parents moving to Mackay, in the depths of wintery weather in Melbourne, you can pop north for a sun fix…

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