A little while ago, I posted this photo amongst my garden shoot:


It was quite a popular photo, so the following weekend, I went and photographed some more buds on the same rosebush. This rose is beautifully complex. It starts as a yellow bud and then opens with pink tips on the petal. As it matures, it turns completely pink. Now…. you know I love pink, but I think this rose is incredibly beautiful in yellow.

And below is a larger look at the rosebush which shows the progression in one shot. There is actually a cluster of 5 roses around the base as well – such a crazy little plant.

For Lucile’s Photo 101 Rehab Clinic.
x desleyjane

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39 replies on “The Yellow (and Pink) Rose of Brisbane

              1. I’m not a real fan of high-rise living…I mean, what if there’s a fire, or earthquake. But the view is good. I just read on another blog you are selling your place? Where is it, Mebourne? Does the garden come with it?

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                    1. Baddie, you should come to australia, you’d fit right in. the people they paid to come to our fair country were the “ten pound pommies”. you won’t be able to bring Duncan though. There’s border checks.

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  1. What a spectular rose!!! incredible how it just …. well.. blushes… then changes colour. hope you have some rose growing spaces in melbourne – when do you move?…. small front garden and large back garden.. sounds just like my place north of brissie – i had some roses i my garden once – hardly tended them and they still bloomed beauitfully – my elderly neighbour was jealous!!!!

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