I’m joining Lisa at GrayDaysandCoffee and posting an iPhone photo on a Friday. I think it’s a neat idea and I will try to post each week. If you want to join in (any phone of course), just use the tag iPhriday.

Here’s a shot of some homemade Nutella made by Monsieur Truffle at a cafe called East Elevation in Mebourne. At $18 a jar, it’s special-occasion-only! These day-specific challenges are always interesting because us Aussies are generally a day ahead. But oh well….

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24 replies on “iPhriday – Homemade Nutella?

  1. Looks delish! But there is a part of me that’s saying “eighteen bucks — Aussie! It can’t be that much better than the hazelnut-chocolate spread I made for the boy-child.” P’raps I need to get out more!

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    1. Yah I was shocked when I read the receipt. The good thing is it’s just hazlenuts and cocoa powder, no other ingredients. The bad thing is that it’s like natural peanut butter where the oil separates out. But yes, definitely delish. A spoonful in my coffee? Divine.

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      1. I’ doing this thing with my son (who’s about to leave home) where I feel compelled to demonstrate how easy it is to eat well on a budget if you understand food. He loves Nutella, so we made some – hazelnuts and cocoa powder with a smidge of maple syrup (cos he’s a teenager with a sweet-tooth). It really was pretty yummy! Poor kid will probably rebel and live on instant noodles!

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          1. It’s not so much a case of him leaving home, as home leaving him! I know that sounds terrible, but his father and I have decided it’s time to retreat to the country. The boy-child wants/needs to stay in town. So it will probably be more a case of how far away we move. I hope not too far. I think I’m beginning to feel empty-nest syndrome.

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