For The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Victory  :  In your photo this week, focus on the win, the victory.

I struggled with this one. While I’ve definitely had victories, I can’t say I’ve really photographed them. This is kind of a silly one, but I love the photos that came out of it. We were in Perth on a work trip and had brought out a visitor from the US. He really wanted to see the sunset at Freemantle so it was a race against the clock and traffic to get there on time. Secretly, I desperately wanted to photograph it as well because I’d only recently purchased my Olympus, so I had a vested interest. I even begrudgingly accepted the guy (not my visitor) photobombing my shot of the sculpture – actually in hindsight I quite like him in there, what do you think?

Setting Flames.
Setting Flames.
Fire Circle.
Fire Circle.
Cooling Light.
Cooling Light.
How about you? Do you have a Victory you’d like to share?

x desleyjane


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17 replies on “Fiery Victory

  1. Hi dj, I love how you captured the light of your victory. What a color! My victory is pretty simple. My blog brings me little victories. I recently had a popular post over Halloween weekend. When a band contacts me to write about them it’s a small victory and flattering. The true feeling of victory is when a PR professional contacts me to write about the band she represents. It make me feel like I have a really authentic music blog that matters.

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  2. yeah i like the guy in the shot. Both the sunset and the twilight shots are beautiful. It’s amazing to see the difference in color between the two.

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