Someone asked me today why I have pink hair (yes I have pink hair). It was a more difficult question than I thought. Why DO I have pink hair? I was born with fairly average light brown hair. I have had some form of blonde in my hair for about ten years now and I really enjoy it, I think it suits me. I don’t even remember when we started pinking it up, and I can’t really fathom not having some pink anymore. It used to be just a large sliceΒ of pink at the front but now, it’s all over pink. And today, freshly coloured, it’s full on pinky pinkness and I think this new colour is my favourite so far. I have the best hairdresser πŸ˜€

So why do I have pink hair? Because I can. Because it’s fun. And because I love it. Seriously love it. (Pictures at the bottom of this post).

Anyway, the theme for the Weekly Photo Challenge is Transition – showing something in the state of transition or undergoing change. Those of you who follow along with me know how much I love photographing flowers and this particular rose has been a wonderful subject. I used it and it’s two companions last week for Trio. I also have another post coming up which features this rose and a tutorial on how to get the stark white background that I love in macro photography.

I think this shot shows the beauty of the rose as it transitions into death. I hadn’t really paid much attention to flowers after I finish photographing them, but I recently captured a hibiscus after it had died and it’s one of my favourite shots.

Wishing you a very happy weekend.
x desleyjane

My transition from blonde to pinky pinkness.

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