This is another of the buds I had picked for my Trio post. This one had such a pretty centre so I had to photograph it. And then I had to play in Lightroom to see what I could make πŸ˜€

Black and White, High Contrast
Adjusted white balance to convert to purple.

These laboratory experiments belong in the clinic: Photo101Rehab.

x desleyjane

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22 replies on “Bathed in Yellow.

  1. I love how you’re willing to “get out of the box” with editing. When I saw the yellow shots, I thought wow those are great. But I think I like your edits almost more. It makes me want to experiment more. You rock!

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    1. You made me go back and look at the yellow ones. The one on the right has more yellow in the centre if that’s at all possible. I think it makes for a cleaner image. Thanks so much!


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