For those of you who were concerned that I may not have a garden and therefore not have access to the wonderful world of macro nature photography when I move to Melbourne – have no fear! I visited my new place after work one day this week and found a little friend on the terrace wall. Yay! A snail! Ready for shooting. As I’ve said before, I have a large terrace so will deck it out with plants and hopefully the cute bugs will come!

I’m joining Lisa at Gray Days and Coffee, sharing a photo from my smartphone every Friday. Why don’t you join in with the tag iPhriday ??

Here are some macro shots of a snail from my home in Brisbane.

x desleyjane

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25 replies on “iPhriday – I still have bugs!

      1. Miss those storms a lot.Perversely. The insane piles of black clouds pouring in from the ocean, the wind howling, the plane buffeted as the pilot tries to land, the towers of the CBD, straining to see our building, the lighting flashes all around. Then. Botany Bay.

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