I’ve been asked by a couple of people how I get this very white background in my photos so I’ve written a tutorial on this, which you can find at Image Reboot #7.


This is one of the buds I picked for my Trio post for the DP Weekly Photo Challenge. I had it in a test tube vase and the next day it opened right up beautifully. It smells wonderful.

For Lucile’s Photo101Rehab.

x desleyjane
PS a couple of notes: sorry for being absent, I’ve been very sick for almost a week but am on the mend now and looking forward to catching up on your blogs. Also, if you thought you saw this post a few days ago, you aren’t going mad, I accidentally scheduled it for the wrong day in my fever-addled state. I went back and re-scheduled it for Friday.


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30 replies on “Angles of Pink

    1. Thank you Deb. Just drove over 13 hours north to my family’s yesterday so am feeling a little worse for wear this morning but yes much better now. You have a wonderful Christmas with your family too and see you in 2016 xoxox.

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