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28 replies on “Happy Holidays!

    1. Thanks Loretta LOL. How was your Chrissie? We had Christmas lunch at my aunt’s house and she had cooked a roast pork on the barbie. Plus we had roast beef and roast chicken. Such a hot day with too much hot food but we went inside to the air conditioning for dessert (plum pudding and bread and butter pudding). Mum and Dad love the traditional foods for Christmas. My choice would be prawns with mango and avocado, with a few glasses of chilly white wine. Which we do some years. Happy New Year to you!!


    1. Thank you, it’s been great so far. Happy New Year to you too!! Thanks so much for the nomination, that really does mean a lot to me. I’m so sorry but I’m not doing the awards anymore as I never get time to answer them. I really do appreciate it though. X


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