It has been so dry here in Mackay. Well maybe that’s not the right way to put it. I’ve mentioned in some comments about how humid it is here – it’s usually about 30 degrees Celsius by 9am and sits at between 70 and 75% humidity. There’s a breeze off the ocean, but it’s a hot one, like a fan-forced oven. And it’s still 26 and higher when you go to bed at night. It really is the tropics. And yet it hasn’t rained here properly for such a long time. It’s very unusual to have such a dry Christmas, usually it rains and storms. But this year, we have not had such luck.

I grew up not far from here (just in a smaller town, about 40km to the south). I’ve been to the beaches here before in my childhood but it all looks so different now, such a different time we live in. Now, there are so many cars, so much traffic, so many rules and signs. But the sand is just the same, the water hasn’t changed. It’s such a strange and yet familiar feeling to stand in the ocean while a rainstorm rolls in at sunset – the light has faded, the tide has gone out, the beach mostly empty, but the water is warm, the breeze is hot and the humidity is high. It looks like it should feel cold, but it’s balmy and tropical and sticky. We spent the day hoping for some rain out of the little tropical low developing up north and at about 11pm we got our wish, it started to rain, it’s raining right now – I have my window open as I type this and I can smell the rain and best of all I can hear it on the roof of the house nextdoor, such a soothing sound.

Tomorrow, we head to the beaches around my hometown – the rains from the low are well and truly here now, but hopefully we can still see the beach.
I hope you are enjoying your holidays if you are lucky enough to have them.
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33 replies on “Shoal Point Beach.

  1. I’m glad you’ve had chance to visit your family for Christmas. I really enjoyed this lyrical description of the beach which goes so beautifully with the pictures.
    I get the feeling we might have to start getting used to weird weather. It was terrible to see the forest fires in Australia over Christmas while in the north of England it’s been raining a bit too hard, and sweeping old stone bridges and buildings along with it.

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    1. Thanks Susan, I’m glad you liked it. Yes it was lovely to be back with family. My mum and my best friend and I are now packing up my house for the big move. The fires were devastating. I was there in February and wrote a number of posts about how wonderful that part of the world is, I really feel for those people who live there. I am shocked that you are losing bridges from heavy rain, that’s really awful. I hope you are doing well and enjoying your start to 2016.


  2. You can have some of OUR rain DJ – we have plenty to share. I haven’t been to that part of Queensland. Townsville to the north and Hervey Bay to the south, but not Mackay. You must be near the Whitsundays then? I have always wanted to visit them…

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    1. Thank you!! We will take the rain!!! 😋 yes Mackay is called the gateway to the whitsundays, it’s a lovely spot but a bit too hot for me these days. The whitsundays are glorious though – beautiful beaches and clear blue water. Very much a holiday destination. How’s your new year shaping up?

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  3. What a lovely part of Aussie to spend Christmas but I agree I would not want to be there in Dec/Jan, GC is quite humid enough for me. Best wishes for 2016 DJ and hope your move goes smoothly. Looking forward to seeing Melbourne through your camera lens.

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    1. Oh yes so hot. It is just as hot here in Melbourne but for the first time, I’m grateful for the lack of humidity. I actually have a tan from the long drive down and from sunning myself at a cafe with GG. 😊 I hope you had a lovely New Years!


  4. From reading your description and seeing the photos, for a moment there I could actually smell the ocean and the sand in my head. Is that weird? I don’t know it just triggered my own childhood memory 🙂

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  5. I love the moodiness and the grays and tans and patterns. I hope you’re doing ok with all of the moving business. Happy new year to you. Many many blessings to you Des!

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    1. Thank you! Yes getting there, slowly. Have pulled something in my back and can’t move around much so that has slowed me down a lot. Time for some medical attention I think as it’s been four days now.


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