This post was written before New Year’s Eve and I somehow neglected to post it…

Finally it’s raining and the weather is much cooler, it’s beautiful. The only sacrifice is the loss of blue skies, but I love a good dark cloud, so I’m ok with it. We took a drive while my brother was at work today and went to Sarina Beach and Campwin Beach. It was crazy windy, as evidenced by my sideways hair in theΒ selfie! Dad says I look like Donald Trump!

Please excuse my incredibly dirty lens, I will clean it!

This beach is just 8km from the house I grew up in (see the shot with Gidget checking out the sign to J. Pitcher’s Road, the road was named forΒ my Dad). We used to ride our bikes down there when we were kids, such good fun, playing in the water, having fish and chips, or lollies from the corner store. Once I was old enough,Β Mum used to send me down to the corner store in their car to get milk or eggs or whatever couldn’t wait until morning.

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23 replies on “Sarina Beach

  1. Awww lovely family pictures Desley, I had to LOL when I read the Donald Trump reference :). What a moron he is! :). I really like your new blog look – I’ve been so tempted to change mine actually, but I’m too afraid to press any buttons that I might regret later on. I would actually like to find one that would display better pictures than the theme I’m using at the moment.

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    1. Thanks Loretta. Yah I lol at Trump a lot! You can preview what your blog will look like in the customizer. If you don’t like it, you just don’t save it. I went through so many when I was trying to find one to suit. I’m thinking of changing again maybe πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

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      1. Ha ha Desley.. everyone around the world LOL’s at Trump. Ya, I know I tried things out in the customizer, but then I was afraid to revamp other things, in case I messed up, so I left it alone. I’m not as tech savvy as you πŸ™‚


  2. I have very fond memories of freedom camping at Sarina beach. Your family must have long connections with the area to have a road named after them. Loved seeing dear little Gidget. How is she adjusting to Melbourne?

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    1. We used to camp there as well, usually at Easter. Actually more often at another little secluded beach called Mick Ready’s. Such fond memories, as you say. My grandad and grandma settled in Sarina in the early 1910’s and the family is still there as well as scattered over the country. MissG is loving it. We go for a walk at least twice a day to the park and she’s met many other puppies and humans who all seem to love her. She seems to be doing ok.


  3. I adore this post! Especially the selfie with your parents and the gorgeous hibiscus pic! And Gidget is a cutie as always! Thank you for sharing of piece of your history with us!

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