Happy New Year!

Thank you to everyone for making 2015 a successful blogging year. I apologise for my absence over the last few weeks. As most of you know, I was in the process of selling my home in Brisbane and moving to Melbourne. I am happy to report that my house has now sold and I have officially moved to Melbourne. Miss Gidget and I are settling into our new apartment and we are starting to explore this wonderful city.


A quick update on how the move happened. My mum and I drove back to Brisbane with Gidget on New Years Eve. Thirteen hours in the car… Again… And then we spent the next three days packing up my house, along with the help of my best friend. On Monday, January 4th, the removalists arrived at 7:30am and packed up all my furniture and about a zillion boxes, filling around half of a shipping container and then they took it away to the train. Meanwhile, Mum and I cleaned, took rubbish to the tip, took a lot of things to charity and generally ran around like crazy. Mum flew home that night, another tearful goodbye, and MissG and I went to stay with my bestie, Moana, for the night.

My mum was an absolute champion and an inspiration. I don’t know how she just keeps going. She works so hard and I am forever grateful to her for being there for me. xox

The next morning, the three of us drove to Melbourne – 1,800km over 2 days, and about 22 driving hours. What do you think Moana? Did we listen to TayTay’s 1989 5 or 6 times? The first day, we seemed to be travelling within a constant storm, it rained very heavily a lot of the way.Β MissG was much better on the trip to Melbourne and I think it’s because I propped her up on her favourite cushion up high on the folded-down back seats, right between our seats.


We arrived in Melbourne on Wednesday night and the removalists arrived at 8:30 the next morning to fill my new little apartment with a whole bunch of stuff. Moana stayed with us til Friday night and unpacked like a pro, sorting my kitchen and organising my boxes, travelling to multiple IKEAS with me… I am so thankful to her for doing the trip with me and helping me get settled in my new place. Miss you babe x.

I may not post very often for the next week or two. I have no internet at home yet, a few problems with the communication company, and I’m relying on my very expensive mobile data plans, so I am not posting much, apart from a few photos on Instagram.

I’m looking forward to getting back to the blogosphere, I’ve missed you guys! And I’m looking forward to some exciting new things in 2016. Is there anything you’re looking forward to?

I’ll be back soon.

x desleyjane

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63 replies on “New Year, New Beginning

  1. Best of luck in your new home. Since we bought our home 36 years ago, when we go married, we haven’t moved; so we don’t know what a hazzle it is to move all your stuff to a new place. Must be quite an experience. Take your time. We will be waiting for you. Best of luck in your new home.



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    1. Thanks so much Omar. I wish to not move again for a long time. I’m almost properly back now, I’ve scheduled a few posts to ride me over. I just have some more unpacking to do. Thank you so much for your comments.


  2. So glad to hear the move went smoothly! It’s delightful to hear that you’re getting settled in and I can’t wait to see some pictures of Melbourne once you have internet and a bit more time on your hands. πŸ™‚

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  3. So glad you are all done and dusted! Much quicker than us! We are almost at the ‘getting in the removal people’ stage now and hope to move before Easter. At least we don’t have a house to sell. We are busy de-cluttering, but it seems never ending and I stress about all the things we need to do. It will be such a relief to finally be on the road to our new house. Love ❀ your wing mirror images, especially the B&W one of the tram – that's so cool! Enjoy settling in and I look forward to seeing where your camera takes us in Melbourne and environs. Happy 2016 DJ and Miss G πŸ˜€

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    1. Thank you for this. I didn’t get a chance to reply to these comments earlier. How is your plan-to-move coming along? De-cluttering is one of the best parts, it’s so good to get rid of things you don’t really need anymore. Lists! You need to have lists of all the things to do. I still haven’t changed my address yet, I’m so slack! Thanks again.


      1. Haha… I am a list person anyway, my OH says I probably have a list of lists! Working my way down one now – just booked the car in for a service (along with finding a hairdresser I hate having to find a new mechanic)! All being well, it should happen next week! The purchase, not the move. But it is a start.

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        1. Oh excellent! Next week?! That’s great. OMG finding a new hairdresser – so scary. I’ve been with my old one for 12 years. I’ve made an appointment with a new one after much research and checking photos on Instagram and stalking the place on my morning and evening GG walks. I hope it’s going to be ok. And yes, mechanic is next, my car is due for a service very soon.
          PS a list of lists? Well that’s a very sensible idea 😊😊

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  4. Congratulations on the house sale and a successful move. Enjoy your new home and all the cool places you can explore. Look forward to seeing your photos and reading your posts. Happy New Year

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  5. Oh Desley, I feel your pain. I know the drive from Sydney to Melbourne well and so I am in awe of your road trip. Take care and what I look forward to is more of your posts. And if you have more connection problems I still have plenty of friends in Canberra at the Department of Communications πŸ˜‰

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  6. Happy New Year Desley, it sure sounds like it is shaping up that way for you nicely. All my best wishes for a great year in your new city.

    Life here is much the same as you. As I read your blog last year about moving I had no idea I would be facing the same fate. My townhouse is now on the market and my partner and I are buying a nut farm (of all things) down in the Byron Hinterland. We will become the proud owners of an old Queenslander. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into it. I love your mirror photos and may have to steal the idea. To have the presence of mind to do your sold sign in the mirror was fantastic, I can only hope I have the same saneness when my time comes. At least we are not moving as far and hopefully it will be a more gradual process. All the best to you xx

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    1. Hey Karen! Thanks so much for this comment. So sorry it’s been an age before I’m replying. A nut farm?! How exciting!! Congratulations. Where are you in the process now? It’s not a fun process but it feels wonderful once you start settling in. Best wishes for your move xox.

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  7. Hey babe….its been a week since I got on the plane to come home to brissy and left you and miss G at the airport… And so much has happened in that week… You settling in to Melbourne and me hearing I’m probably staying put..not likely to be moving to the UK. I guess this means we’ll have more chances of touching base and catching up for concerts, birthdays and all things you do with your bestie. Love you heaps…miss you more xxxx

    PS I believe it was 6 times and I still can’t really listen to her yet xxx lucky I have Adele to keep me sane at the moment xxx

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    1. Well that just made me cry…I know how disappointing your news was, but you just never know what will happen next! In the meantime yes, time for plenty of catchups! Who knows, next time you’re in Melbourne, that part might finally be available at IKEA – ha!
      LOL I’m still listening to TayTay. On repeat.
      Love love xox.

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  8. Great to hear that the move went smoothly and that you all managed the drive – it’s a LONG way!! All the best for your new life in Melbourne, you look like you are getting amongst it already, good for you. Look forward to having you back in the blogosphere – have missed you!

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  9. Thank you for taking the time to let us know how life is going for you. Such good news that your place in Brisbane has sold and now you can really settle into Melbourne. What troopers your Mum and Moana are you will all miss each other. And little GG looks so excited about what is happening too. (Will you ever need a house sitter? just asking!!!) Love the inspired photos of looking forward and looking back in the rear vision mirror. Do you know that Slim Dusty song? It is one of my favourites. Best wishes for the coming year and look forward to when you can get back to the blogosphere.

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    1. My pleasure PP, thanks for reading and for your well wishes. I do know that Slim song. He was (still is) one of my Dad’s favourite singers. Hmmnnnnn, house and GG sitting could definitely be needed!! I’m very much looking forward to coming back soon.


  10. That’s so awesome – congrats on the big move! Melbourne is such a fantastic city. After having lived there for 5-odd years I have so much love for that place! I’m sure you’re gonna love it too πŸ™‚ Happy settling in!

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  11. These are some really great photos!! You moved!!! And sold your house…I guess that means I can’t buy it. I love that photo of the house in the rear view mirror, and the metaphor. But that house does not look PINK!

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    1. Thanks so much Badfish. I did sell and move! You missed out. And no it’s not pink. Just the door and a few internal walls. And a lot of furniture lol. Thank you, the photo of be house in he rear view struck me as a good idea and it felt good too!!

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  12. The dog looks comfortable on that cushion, but she should be glad that you didn’t have to hit the brakes for any emergencies! We drove that same distance (just 100 km longer) once in one go! One driver was sleeping while the other was driving, it was tough. Better to take two days like you did.
    Best of luck getting organized in your new place. It’s a good thing that you had great helpers.
    What am I looking forward to in 2016? Finishing up the full sleeve tattoo that I’ve started, probably get another tattoo as well, visiting two tattoo conventions: one in Budapest and a huge one in London (where I’ll also meet up with a blogger friend of mine for the first time), participating in a group photo exhibition next week, going tobogganing with a bunch of couchsurfers later today, summer vacation and meeting a whole bunch of lovely ladies throughout the year.
    In other words: plenty of things to look forward too!

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    1. Yes I did think about the ramifications of a harsh brake but luckily it didn’t come to that. Wow, straight through, that sounds intense! Thanks, we’re settling in. Good luck with your plans for 2016, they sound like good fun.


  13. You sold your beautiful home! Congrats! I’m sure that the new home-owner will love it, just as much as you did. Miss G looks so comfortable! Too cute! Wishing you all the best with your relocation πŸ˜€

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    1. I did! Thank you! We are settling in, just waiting for my back to get better before I finish unpacking. Oh and I need to buy IKEA bookcases for my office and build them. Not exciting me at the moment lol.

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      1. Oh dear, hope that your back recovers soon – take it easy, and rest as much as possible, if you can. Oh yes, love Ikea! Not so much the assembly part of their products, haha! but the concepts are super πŸ˜›

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      1. Realised I have replied twice, am playing catch up with comments on my iPad and also nursing a rather large g&t as I sit by a log fire with freezing wind and rain outside


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