Sometimes my job is a lot of fun. Last week, we had a big trade display at a conference here in Melbourne. I got to play with a bunch of toys, and learn from some of our suppliers visiting from Japan and The Netherlands.

You know how much I love macro photography, right? I was able to take this to a new level here at this conference with a couple of new microscopes. We took a yellow dandelion flower from the lawn outside and put it under the scope. It has a rotating head so that you can see the subject from multiple angles and it also has a large zoom range. I took this video on my iPhone. We saw a tiny speck on the flower and we were able to see that it was in fact an insect (you can see it in the background during the rotation in the video). The software also lets you do measurements, so we were able to see that the insect was just under 1mm long! So cool.

When I got home that night, I took Gidget for her usual evening walk and picked a few dandelion flowers fro the park in order to get some comparison shots. These are my shots, taken with my Olympus OMD EM5 with the 60mm macro lens (120mm equivalent).

x desleyjane

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