There’s so much to be done when you move interstate. So much paperwork, so many phone calls, online forms… It’s all necessary but finding the motivation to get it done is not so easy. But finally, I’ve done the major things:

  • Paid off my car loan – woo hoo!!
  • made an appointment for getting my Victorian license
  • made an appointment to register my car in Victoria
  • registered Gidget as an official Victorian puppy
  • changed my address with the Australian Electoral Enrolment so that I don’t get into trouble for not voting in the upcoming Qld vote
  • found a hairdresser, actually it’s almost time for my next appointment – also found a nail place and a lovely eyebrow waxing girl
  • had my first doctor’s visit

It’s this last one, the doctor’s visit, that I was least looking forward to. I don’t have any major problems, but there’s a lot of history and there’s so much that my last doctor just knew about me for the last 15 years. I put off finding a doctor for as long as possible (I need a new prescription tomorrow) but I finally bit the bullet and made the appointment.

It’s a cute little practice in a lovely street, actually they call it a village. It’s beautiful, tree-lined, plenty of coffee shops – no surprise there, we are in Melbourne! The visit was relatively painless, although she was not what I was expecting and didn’t mind talking about what procedures she would do next time at the top of her voice as we were walking the 4 steps back to the waiting room. It was a little “open” for my liking, I prefer my doctor’s visits to be quiet and private.

Anyway, she was nice and actually asked me how I was liking Melbourne and where I was living etc, having a conversation outside of the “when was your last pap smear” talk. Sheesh.

I had my camera in my bag (it’s been so long since I carried my camera with me) and as I left the pharmacy, I spotted this red bicycle outside and was struck by how bright the colour was on such an overcast day.

Hopefully, I don’t have too much left to cross off my list, but I’m sure that’s just wishful thinking! Can you think of anything else?

x desleyjane

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39 replies on “A Few Tasks Completed

  1. It sounds like you’re settling in pretty well. Finding a doctor that you’re comfortable with is one of the major things, I think. Maybe a dentist too? I love the sound of the village atmosphere; and that photo of the red bike is gorgeous! Maybe it’s just what you needed on an overcast day.


  2. Great to hear you are getting settled in and ticking things off your list. I love the red bike but I’m not sure how you get it in colour and the rest n b&w, is it an app you’re using? I’ve had a play around recently with some apps but I’m just not sure. Appreciate if you could point me in the right direction šŸ™‚ Ta muchly.


    1. Hi Deb – I did this in Lightroom by desaturating all colours except red. There were a few hints of red left in the bricks and some of the leaves, so I use the brush tool to apply desaturation to just those areas. There are apps that let you do this. One is Pixlr – in the tools menu, there’s the splash button, which converts the lot to black and white and then you select where you want the colour turned back on (just one colour I think). Hope that helps? Let me know if it doesn’t šŸ™‚

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  3. I want to be pointed too! Oh, I have so much fellow feeling – I too am ticking things off multiple lists and sublists. Sox -tick: scarves -tick: jewellery – tick. That was today. Congratulations on all you’ve done, as well as work.

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  4. Love the photo, DJ, and I’m pleased to see that you are completing your tasks to integrate well there. You found the super important one already, and I just would add a dentist, and an acupuncture practice.
    Your description of the doctor’s talk was perfect….I wouldn’t be pleased either. At least she showed some interest in you too. Let’s give her a chance..LOL.
    Keep strong. xxx

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  5. You have to register your dog when you move? Well, at least you accomplished the two most important–doctor and hairdresser! Sounds like you are moving right along, Desley. How is the decorating going?

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    1. Yes pets must be registered wherever you reside. There are fines if you don’t register them! The decorating is coming along. I have a room full of unpacked boxes and a lot of my favourite things must be in there since I haven’t unpacked them yet. The terrace is full of empty boxes that need flattening and taking to the recycling bin. Lots to do. How are you doing Lois?


  6. Maybe add “boyfriend” to your list? That will make for some juicy blogging. No pressure though. It’s been on my to-do list for a while, but I’m not having much luck crossing that one off. lol

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  7. Well done that is impressive. Especially pleased about hairdresser and doctor always a trial and error thing. When I saw the lovely red bike I thought you had maybe taken on a new form of transport…

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    1. Would you believe I had a pink bicycle when I was in Brisbane? I couldn’t stay off my bike when I was a kid on the farm but hardly ever went out in Brisbane so I sold it. The hairdresser is great and just a few doors down. I’m reserving judgement on the doc until I next see her LOL.

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