The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge this week is One Love. I’m taking this opportunity to show you something that I love doing, which is layering lettering over photos. Right now, I’m just using apps on my iPhone, but I will be doing a Photoshop course soon and I also want to do calligraphy and hand-lettering courses as well, so that I can use my own writing. I used to be good at calligraphy when I was younger, but I haven’t practiced it in years.


This is one of my favourite photos. These two are best friends and that is the love that I wanted to portray here. It is a love that we should all know – that best friend who is always there for you, who will listen to you, and who will just agree with you, rather than playing devil’s advocate or trying to get you to see the other side. Someone who just gets you.



I chose this photo because I think this tiny collection of little flowers looks like a bridal bouquet. It is only a centimetre across. Imagine a bride carrying this on her wedding day, walking towards the person she’s going to spend the rest of her life with. Her one true love.



How could I talk about love and not mention my little Miss Gidget? Some of you may remember my Writing101 assignment on loss, where I write a story about my minion, Lucy. Lucy ran away from home and so she was replaced with Lucy 2.0 above, and Lucy 2.0 is in love with Stuart. Together, in love, they can face anything the world (and Gidget) can throw at them).

Thanks for coming by and reading my silly musings on love.

x desleyjane

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34 replies on “One Love

  1. Lovely interpretation of this theme DJ. I’ll be interested to see how you get on with Photoshop. It is a great programme, not easy, but opens up so much creativity (and time consuming!!!)

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      1. I took a course about 5 years ago. So much to learn and unfortunately a lot of it has slipped away in the fog of not using regularly. But I do use it a lot for cropping, enhancing etc. Not so much creative side as no time when travelling, but maybe this year I will get back to all that creative stuff…

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        1. I do worry about the “not using it regularly” problem. Which is why I haven’t done the course yet. I need to wait until I’ve organised my space so that I can settle into a “home office routine” for this sort of thing. I’d love to see more of your “creative stuff” 😊


            1. Oh that’s good to hear that you’re using Lightroom, I think it’s a great program. My plan is to only use PS for the creative stuff, like adding text for example. I just need to pick a course date and dive in!


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