It has been an interesting week. Long long days, early mornings, late nights. Even a late night in the lab, something I haven’t done in almost two years!

The best part of my week was when I had my friend come for a visit and we did our usual Japanese food (and sake!) followed by curling up on the couch with a horror movie and breakfast out the next morning. So good to see him, it’s been four months. That’s way too long.

As usual the movie wasn’t particularly scary (Deliver Us From Evil). We’re trying to decide if horror movies really aren’t that scary anymore or if we’ve just developed an immunity to them.

Anyway, I’m getting off track. I took this shot from above, of a fence, on my usual morning walk with MissG. I had my iPhone with me and I found this dilapidated structure to be interesting with its various different textures. I thought it was a good fit for Lisa’s iPhriday event. Please go take a look at her post as well as all the other phone-snappers’ posts 😉😉

Did you have a good week?

Happy Friday!

x desleyjane

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11 replies on “iPhriday – a long week!

  1. The texture is super cool. I love your creativity! There has been much to be thankful for this week. I’m trying to remember that since my back went out 2 days ago!

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