I crawled out of bed early one day this week and this is what I saw.  

I took a minute to take it in before remembering that I’m supposed to be a “photographer” so I grabbed my iPhone and got this shot. 

I came back inside to turn the coffee machine on when I noticed a change in the light so I went back out and got this shot.   

Amazing how quickly the sky changes – just ten minutes between these shots. 

Life can also change just as quickly. A phone call, a decision, a hesitation, a word said in anger…

We should all take the time to appreciate the life that we’re in and the life around us.

I’m feeling a little philosophical on this Good iPhriday – join Lisa at Gray Days and Coffee as we share snaps from our phone cameras. 

Disclaimer – I shared these photos on Instagtam this week πŸ˜‹

x desleyjane

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10 replies on “iPhriday – How Quickly Things Change

  1. Fantastic shots and I love the colours in the sky in both pics. It seems to have been a day for philosophical posts! I heartily agree with you that life can change so quickly and that we should appreciate our lives. Take care x

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